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Old 7th Dec 2018, 9:10 PM Preserving simblrs before tumblr doom day #1
demonic corndog
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So on December 17th tumblr will be shutting down all nsfw content on it's site, how ever the bot they use has also been tagging sfw and harmless content as nsfw and the staff at tumblr are doing little about this. I know some simblrs are effected by this such as sssvitlans as talked about in this sims 4 thread. I made this post expressing my current idea/efforts for a possible way of preserving in danger simblrs.

You can save content that might or will be lost on the 17th by navigated to the page through this site https://web.archive.org/web/ and if the page has not already been archived, then there will be an option to do so."

Edit: more information on saving pages here https://help.archive.org/hc/en-us/a...Wayback-Machine

I hope this is helpful to some people. If multiple people have interest in the same blog then you could coordinate a team effort in archiving it. This is especially helpful for one s with lots of content.

Edit 2: My friend found this https://github.com/buren/wayback_archiver earlier and has been working on setting it up on his computer to help me with my archiving. It auto archives things much faster then could be done by hand. It took less then 10 minutes to archive close to 800 pages on our test run.

Edit 3: if a page was last archived over 6 months ago, re-archiving it so it stays up to date is a good idea. I noticed some blogs had archives already, but they was very out of date and missing newer content, so I re-archived those using the "save page now" thing on the web archive main page.
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