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Old 15th Aug 2017, 4:48 PM Creating neighbourhood with custom sims - delete all townies - UC #1
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So I've created around 40 custom sim in CAS, exported these with SimPE and then processed through body shop.

Now I want to start a custom neighbourhood using jodeliejodelies empty downtown http://jodeliejodelie.tumblr.com/po...wntown-zeussims and use my custom made sims as townies.

I've tried all three guides mentioned http://simper-fi.tumblr.com/customtownies, they all start with with cleaning ALL neighbourhoods located in program files folder on C: and then utilizing various mods to make sims not generate additional townies etc.

My custom neighbourhood still generates new townies albeit not the 50 or so that are normally created when starting a new neighbourhood but rather around 5.

Can someone point me to a guide with working links to achieve:

* A custom neighbourhood with custom made sims that I can turn into townies
* The standard neighbourhood can stay as they are or be replaced with empty version
Old 17th Aug 2017, 1:51 PM #2

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I used the scorched earth approach tutorial from http://www.woodensimolean.com/NoMoreUglyNPCs, to create my completely empty neighborhood (no townies, downtownies, Bluewater Village sims, dormies, vacationers, plant families, stray pets or families, Freetime residents, Apartment Life social groups, etc.), but there are other options as well, if you do not want to go that far. Read everything carefully - messing around in the Program Files can really bork things if you're not careful.

For adding custom townies, maybe take a look at the tutorial here http://www.woodensimolean.com/MakeYourOwnDefaults, and see if that helps more than the one you used previously.

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Are you sure they're townies and not other NPCs, such as PTs, Father Time etc?

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Originally Posted by Annaminna
Downtown creates special downtownies Mr.Big, Diva and male and female slob. Also a Grand Vampire.

That's your 5 sims right there...

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