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Old 21st Dec 2018, 11:25 AM #226
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Originally Posted by Bulbizarre
That happens when they use an interaction that there's no toddler-specific interaction for. They switch to the adult animation and start floating.

In the Sims 3, it's even worse. Their limbs stretch out like noodles.

They shouldn't be able to do things like cooking and cleaning anyway. There's something wrong with your toddlers.
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I explained it in the post. I used SimPE to change them to adults just for giggles. That doesn't update their bodies like changing their age with the Blender does.

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Must I say more? LOL!

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When I first started getting back into Sims 2 not too long ago and my game was still completely vanilla I decided to load up the Smith family in Strangetown. The literal first thing that happened was Johnny going up to his mom and attempting to smooch her! I was flabbergasted and appalled. She pushed him away and the Polli Tech slapped Johnny, then went to comfort his wife with the most hilarious expression on his face. The only place I documented it was Snapchat to show my sisters. I went and got clean hood templates after that. Welcome back to Strangetown, I guess.
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Due to utter lack of TS3-friendly servers, I have recently created a Sims 3 discord server! It's brand new so if you'd like to chat here's the link!
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Last night, Dulcinea Caliente used up all her cheat death wish all in one session. Grim came back for her two times after he originally came to collect her soul. So, Dulcinea pleaded for her life three times in the row. Not three days in a row, three times in the row. I was so confused. I never had that happen before.

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