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Old 9th Jan 2018, 9:32 PM #51

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I play the premades and the premades only! <3 I love them all! The townies, the NPC's, and the pre-mades are all great. I never make custom Sims, though if you want to be technical, I DO. I make recreations of the ancestors and just plop their data into the original's character file so they function properly (or as much as us players can without the original DNA)...
Old 9th Jan 2018, 9:33 PM #52

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I usually use SimPE to get rid of Hermia's crush on Mercutio, and Mercutio's crush on Hermia. Mercutio still has to deal with Tybalt trying to fight him at the Summerdream party, but without the crush tags between him and Hermia the EA jealousy doesn't get in the way and cause him to slap Hermia because he caught her "cheating" by kissing Puck. I usually tend to expand on Miranda's crush on Mercutio by having them ask each other out on dates as teens. I like them as a couple once they get on the same page and usually have them get together as adults. (I'm fond of Miranda, just less than Hermia.)

People play pre-mades differently and get different experiences with him.
Old 9th Jan 2018, 9:37 PM #53

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Theoretically, I play a mix of premade and custom neighborhoods in TS2, however, for the past couple of years I have only exclusively played Veronaville and its coupled University hood (Academie Le Tour) thanks to time constraints, mostly. Though, I do play a "fixed" version without its townies and I hand-craft every one of those myself. Also, I often create my own Sims/families to marry to the premades. So I suppose depending on your definition, that's a mixture in itself.

I might one day finish my Zanes Hollow project, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Until then, you can see what I'm up to on my Simblr!
Old 9th Jan 2018, 9:43 PM #54
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I mostly play with premade sims, although mostly with sims from Peni Griffin's Widespot (and, to a lesser extent, Land Grant University) rather than from 'hoods which ship with the game. Widespot is by far my favourite 'hood, and as well as the five "core" families I pretty much always add the Ottomas household (from Seasons), the County household (another household created by Peni, as part of Meadow Creek - I remake them in my game using their extracted appearances and setting aspirations/personality etc the same as in Meadow Creek) and the Wilkie household, a mostly CAS-created family which I made as I wanted Sadie Wilkie (Widespot's cashier) to be playable. In my last Widespot 'hood she lived with her parents and younger sister; in the version that I am currently toying with setting up I would make her maternal uncle as well. I also intend to make a self-sim, along with sim versions of my RL partner and parents, who will be long-term residents of Widespot (my current back-story is that my sim-Dad met Skye Weiss whilst they were both studying for PhD's at the University of Takemizu and they moved to Widespot as it was located in a "dark skies area" and land was cheap there, so they could set up their own observatory/laboratory). I will also, as always, set up a playable school.

I have at various points in the past also played several of the Maxis 'hoods (my favourites are Pleasantview, Strangetown, Riverblossom Hills and some of the Bluewater Village sims), a very short-lived uberhood, custom 'hoods full of CAS sims, a 'hood which only housed my self-sim and her boyfriend/husband (not a RL boyfriend/husband!) and their children, prosperity challenge 'hoods using randomly generated CAS sims, BACC 'hoods using CAS sims, BACC 'hoods using (extracted and remade) premade sims and a 'hood which was supposed to be just to test Land Grant University but which I grew very attached to and played for quite a while.

My current plan for my next 'hood is a version of Widespot (including all of the households which I mentioned above) with all of the Land Grant University playables and their parents/siblings as well as quite a few EAxis premades. All households would live in the main 'hood but I would create/edit an SC4 terrain to create three distinct villages/areas located either side of Highway 13.5. Widespot would be to the west of the highway and the other village and Land Grant College to the east. That 'hood would have approximately 30 households, only one and a bit of which are CAS-households made by me. I definitely much prefer playing premade sims!
Old 9th Jan 2018, 9:44 PM #55
Hot Dawg
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I actually don't really like premades. Something bothers me about the fact that they're always the same in all game files. Never gives a sense of randomness, imo. I always make my sims and play them that way because I think it's more fun to play with something you created.

I am perfectly fine with randomly generated townies, and even love them to death. I always love to see what generates, even if it's a bald guy with pink eyebrows lol (and trust me, I have him in my town). Whenever I make my sim go into the wild to find a mate, I always pick the randomly generated ones because again, they're always different.
Old 9th Jan 2018, 10:59 PM #56

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Ooh I love this thread In the megahood i'm starting up (currently going around giving everyone makeovers as well as batboxing (pre-uni and pre-ft) and acr'ing everyone) I have main hood Strangetown (so that way it shouldn't break their set up scenerios, like the others will be), and shopping districts Bluewater Village, Pleasantview, Riverblossom Hills, Widespot and Uni's La Fiesta Tech, Land Grant University and Sim State University. I will be playing all of the pre-mades and add in ALL of the bin Sims!

I do also plan to create one custom household, the pleasure aspiration family to widespot as well as make an adult sim with 7 toddlers/children that I can put into the adoption pool (and when I want to make more make an adult and 6 tots/children, put them in the household, kill the extra adult, put tots/children into adoption pool). The pleasure family and the adoption pool kiddies will use my cc fantasy/sci-fi etc. skintones, which some of them are townified, some aren't.

Oh and added in the 3 pre-made vacation destinations.

So I mostly play with pre-mades, adding in some custom sims for certain reasons I love Strangetown the most and i've really enjoyed Pleasantview and Riverblossom Hills in the past and always wanted to get back to them.

I'm not sure what it is about the pre-mades that I love so much, but I do love them and I don't question why. I just love them.
Old 14th Jan 2018, 12:13 AM #57

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past times playing; most gameplay was in the pre-made neighborhoods.

this time playing, added some graves on some pre-made lots.
Old 19th Jan 2018, 9:54 PM #58
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Nope. Unless they have been moved in with my own sims, I don't use premades. When I first played the game, I got so annoyed with all the nice houses being already taken. I would move my sims into the house and kill off the original owners. Then there would ghosts. And then, after not being able to exorcise them, I deleted the tombstones. I'm so grateful for mods and templates. Killing sims is a lot in TS2 compared to TS1.
Old 19th Jan 2018, 11:23 PM #59

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I'm really attached to the premades, especially in Pleasantview, so yes, I play with them!

lemme tell you a story. once upon a time i had a 5 posts per day streak
Old 20th Jan 2018, 3:38 PM #60
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I don't know if my Beginning Hoods would be considered premade or custom but they are all I have been trying to play for about the last 2 years.

All my Beginning Hoods here at MTS. http://www.modthesims.info/member.php?u=7749491
All my Beginning Hoods as Shopping Districts plus Old Town. http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=523417
MooVille, a tribute to Mootilda and her fabulous lots http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=534158
Old 20th Jan 2018, 11:26 PM #61

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I stink at making my own characters and story plots, so I usually play pre-mades. Usually Maxis, but sometimes characters that come with an inhabited custom neighborhood.
Old 20th Jan 2018, 11:56 PM #62
Original Poster


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Originally Posted by marka93
I don't know if my Beginning Hoods would be considered premade or custom but they are all I have been trying to play for about the last 2 years.

i'd count the sims as premade

I May Be Life Dumb But I'm Sim Smart(mostly).
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Old 21st Jan 2018, 12:56 AM #63
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Originally Posted by Annorah
Is it alarming that I harbour countless massive crushes on some pre-made characters, for instance? Please, someone tell me I am not the only one.

Not gonna lie, I've had several dreams about dating Don Lothario. He's always been my favorite character, but I never realized how attached to him I was.
Old 21st Jan 2018, 1:02 AM #64
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i've had dreams where some sims follow me around and are my sidekicks in real life,they end up killing and taking over the world

I May Be Life Dumb But I'm Sim Smart(mostly).
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Old 23rd Jan 2018, 9:13 PM #65
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Originally Posted by Emerald1234
do you play premades? if you do how often do you play with them?

I have my own megahood, so alot

Hi my name is Carla Shaw you can stop at 5 or 6 stores or just one. I don't need friends, they disappoint me.
Old 23rd Jan 2018, 10:45 PM #66
Test Subject

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I almost exclusively play premades, aside from sometimes making or downloading sims that I feel would add to the story in some way, like Rosaline and Paris in Veronaville, or remakes of sims from other games, like Brigit the maid or Bonehilda. Sometimes I'll make myself with my friends or family and play with them a bit for fun, but it kinda feels weird to see them interacting with premades, so I don't really end up playing those kinds of households for very long. I've tried doing legacy challenges and even making my own neighborhoods full of sims I've made myself, but I always end up getting bored or overwhelmed.
Old 2nd Feb 2018, 8:01 AM #67
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I play a mix. Sometimes the pre-made sometimes not. I've actually gone and tried to fix all of the first three hoods as in adding the missing character data of ancestors and I've even tried fixing the severely glitch sims of Strangetown and seemingly been successful. Though I also have my own hood where I tried to make it kinda like the pre made ones where each household has a story behind with some being better than others. I actually brought back some families from the sims 1 such as the Mashuga's and Hick's but twenty five years later. The Mashuga's I actually based off what happened when I played them in ts1.
Old 2nd Feb 2018, 8:35 AM #68
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I like making my own hoods with some of my own CAS families, but I am really fond of the bin Sims. The thing is, once you have fallen in love with Trent Traveller or Chester Gieke (and it is easy, when you play them) - it is hard to forget them So while I did experiment with empty hoods and just my own Sims (and even townies) - for me, something seemed to be missing
Old 3rd Feb 2018, 6:46 PM #69

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The only pre-made Sims I ever played were Delilah O'feefe and Mitch Indie (Academie Le Tour freshman) about 7 years ago before I began playing with clean and empty templates. I evicted them from their homes (along with all of the premade YA's) and made them campus townies. While playing one of my playable households I noticed that Mitch and Delilah seemed to have begun a relationship with the help of ACR. While playing a different household on a community lot the two had a photo booth woohoo tryst. They continued interrupt my game play with their antics whenever I was on a community lot with my playable Sims. So I made them both playable again, and gave them complete makeovers (skin, hair make-up the total works!). I extracted them saved them; I've continued to play them over the years as different characters. In my Willow Creek neighborhood they were married with 3 children. Delilah is a townie in my current neighborhood Redwood Cove; as I'm typing this I think I'm going to go find Mitch and add him to my game as well.
Old 21st Jul 2018, 2:52 AM #70
Test Subject

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I play with the pre-mades all the time, plus I have custom and mixed neighborhoods too. In my current game, I aged all the sim bin families: Goodie, Ottomas, Gavigan, Newsom, Picaso, Ramaswami, Roseland , Cooke, and Traveller, down to toddlers! I let Samantha have her twins and then gave them up for adoption and aged her down too. I made CAS singles and one couple, plus 2 existing couples, adopt them all! And I let Sarah Crittur have her 3 puppies I took pity on the Ottomas and gave several plastic surgery, but wonder what offspring will look like with the Ottomas genes! And Priya and Jessica have very pinched mouths as children. Not sure how my game will react with so much use of Simblender and all these toddlers, but giving it a shot. I wanted to give these sims very different lives rather than just follow their original family story lines.
Old 21st Jul 2018, 3:37 AM #71
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I make all of the pre-mades into townies when I start a new hood. Then, if they wind up marrying my playables I do indeed play them. I also sort of like the Ramirezes so I try to make them relevant to my hood so I wind up playing them. Lisa and Tessa have really funky facial genetics that make interesting-looking sims.

In my current hood, I've so far married in Kevin Beare (who is a direct ancestor of almost everyone in the hood now), Brittany Upsnott, Heather Huffington, Ashley Pitts, Julien Cooke, Sam Thomas, and Gilbert Jacquet. Also, since most of my sims are descended from Checo Ramirez I had Tessa placehold a Greek House and now she's playable, too, and has two daughters. It's kind of weird that her parents are both still townies, but, well, that's just how things fell out. Maybe when she dies of old age I will kill Checo and Lisa.
Old 21st Jul 2018, 10:19 AM #72
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Nope. Ever since Sims 1 I've preferred my own characters over the game-shipped ones. I just can't get into any of the premade neighborhoods, and seeing the same premade sims everywhere in the community was the main reason I stopped being able to tolerate playing them. And speaking for myself, I've never been a fan of cartoony maxis genetics.
Old 22nd Jul 2018, 7:49 AM #73
Caren Yoon
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I prefer premades but I also has own character (just one though).
I don't prefer mixing those two. They get along well no matter what.

Hi. I'm Caren but you can also call me Beau. I luv sims since I was born.
Not very active on the tumblr now but: Tumblr
You can find my ts2&ts4 pre-mades' stories here: Blog(korean)
I can be found at Discord channels dedicated to ts2.
Old 22nd Jul 2018, 8:52 AM #74
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When I first started playing, I played the premades almost exclusively--not the townies, just the playables. Pleasantview was my favorite (although I liked Strangetown and Veronaville too), especially the Brokes and the Pleasants. Because I didn't have many of the expansion packs when I first started playing, I never got into the premades that came with Riverblossom Hills, Desiderata Valley, Belladonna Cove, etc.

As I got older, I started to introduce my custom families into Pleasantview and mixing them with those premades, but that just felt wrong lol. It was like they didn't belong in the story. Now I exclusively play custom sims in their own neighborhood. That's not to say I don't love the premades anymore--I have many fond memories of those Sims. I just like creating my own stories more without having preset backstories to work off of.
Old 22nd Jul 2018, 6:48 PM #75
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No, I prefer to make my own sims, including the townies (but, when I'm lazy, I just generate them with the townie gun and do some makeover).

However, sometimes I think about the ideia of taking a bunch of premades and making my own "reboot"/re-imagining of them, similar to what Yun does with Sagecastle.

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