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Old 7th Aug 2018, 9:50 AM DefaultHow do I download store items without the Launcher? #1
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So my plan is to get away from the launcher and origin (As I have hard copies of the game and a base game that predates 2012). I believe that means I either have to go with the patch for predating 1.67 or 1.67 itself. I'm really unsure about how to do this and have read posts on here all over the place and not really answering my question. I know store content is not .package files and I'm really curious how I would add them to my game without the launcher. If the launcher is unavoidable then I guess that's okay But I definitely want to steer clear of origin. Any advice would be nice
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Store files can be converted to packages. I converted all of mine. It has been ages since I did it, but I think I used the multi-installer and then had to decrapify them.
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Originally Posted by daisylee
Store files can be converted to packages. I converted all of mine. It has been ages since I did it, but I think I used the multi-installer and then had to decrapify them.

I decrapify first and then convert to packages using multyinstaller, I then proceed to throw it all into CC Magic.
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You need the launcher to download store items, but you can install them as package files. From Don Babilion: http://www.modthesims.info/showthre...073#post5342073
Originally Posted by Don Babilon
Store items are protected/encrypted and before you can convert them you have to decrypt them. The program you use for this is called Recompressorizer (S3RC). It was written by Pescado and is available at MATY (MoreAwesomeThanYou). There are other, modified versions and I cannot recall who made these and where they are available, because I use the Pescado one.
Inside the S3RC folder there are two *.exe files: s3rc.exe and decrapify.exe. If you want to maintain existing references and ensure that any lots/Sims/etc. you share remain intact for other users, too, you MUST only use s3rc.exe, not the other one.
Once Store sims3packs are decrypted you can properly extract their contents with MultiInstaller and you can also then open the individual packages in S3PE in case you want to edit them yourselves or simply have a look at the insides of each package.

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The thing about decrapifying store objects is this: objects which have specific moodlets or actions may be nullified when decrapifying. The modern tablet, which allows the sim to listen to tabcasts and learn skills while doing other things will no longer function - that is one object I have purchased that I tested decrapifying on.
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@chicvibe Did you test by decrapping the Sims3Pack,or the package/dcdb? If you're testing on an existing save you'd need to decrap the save also, and the ccmerged file to preserve the special features. Otherwise, don't decrap- just use s3rc -f to fix only.

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