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Old 3rd Aug 2018, 4:33 AM Immediate Chrashing after Starting Game #1
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Hi Guys,

My family moved to a new town a lil over a sim-week ago and everything had been running super smoothly and no crashes or lags eve, ever then now with the latest save it's crashing super often. Like I start the game and before I hit the play button it crashes. I tried restarting it like five times and all crashed. I don't know if it has to do with the foregin visitors that I invited. Since they arrived the game did run a little slower and lagged a bit but now it's legit unplayable.

Can someone help me? I suppose if I have no choice I could go to a previous save from before I invited them but I'd prefer not have to go through that trouble. Thx in advance guys.
Old 3rd Aug 2018, 5:09 AM #2
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Like I start the game and before I hit the play button it crashes.

You mean when the game loaded it is paused? Using NRAAS MC, do a town reset and then press play.

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