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Old 19th Jul 2018, 7:24 PM (UPDATE!)*NEW CHALLENGE* The Sims 4 Simerican Settlers Challenge #1
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The Sims 4 Simerican Settlers Challenge

Welcome to The Simerican Settlers Challenge! This Challenge was adapted from my absolute favorite Sims challenge ever - The Decades Challenge by ZombieCleo! After playing the Decades Challenge for awhile, I wanted more time to muck around in the Victorian Era (1837-1901) as I have CAS mods dating from the 1850s-current times, and wanted to use some of those mods in my game. This lead to me creating an extension of the previously mentioned Decades Challenge, so I spent months researching and writing my Simerican Settlers Challenge. I hope you enjoy playing it! Let me know if there are any snags, and I'll update it once I get Seasons. I'm currently just posting the rules for the first Decade, and will upload the finished product soon! So basically, this Challenge starts in the 1850s, as opposed to the 1890s in the OG Decades Challenge, and goes all the way to current times. You start out in a small cabin and slowly, with technological and social advances, your sims will rise and fall with the times, losing money and jobs when Simerica is in debt, and losing family members when they are at war. Again, let me know how it goes, and let me know if you need clarification or have any questions!

Youtube Channel: VintageSims
The 1850s: Chapter One: Sims 4 Simerican Settlers Challenge - Chapter One
The 1850s: Chapter Two: Sims 4 Simerican Settlers Challenge - Chapter Two

The 1850s – After the Oregon Trail

The year is 1850, your founder(s) has just arrived in Oregon after a long journey from their home state of Illinois. Land is cheap and there is plenty of it. Your founder(s) buys a plot of land and builds a home, a farm, and hopefully, a legacy of their own. This is life after the Oregon Trail.

1850s Rules:

The Beginning:
  • Founder must be Young Adult or Older
  • Life was incredibly hard on the Oregon trail, and many people lost family. You may choose your sims traits, but one of them must be the following: Gloomy, Hot-headed, Insane, Mean, Hates Children, Jealous, Evil or Noncommittal. (You can also download your own traits as there are not many of them in game, some examples may be: Absent Minded , PTSD , Coward , Violent .
  • Dress your sims as historically accurate as possible. I've linked some cc below to give you a head start!
  • If you begin with two unrelated sims of the opposite gender they must be married, or about to be married.
  • You can begin with more than two sims if you'd like family members to live with you, but remember that people generally had many children, and you'll want a lot if you intend to have any boys survive the civil war.
  • You can start out any ethnicity but you won't be able to marry outside of that ethnicity until the 1960s.
  • You may start with a pet, but check which animals are historically accurate first, a lot of current pets weren't around 150 years ago!
  • Land was cheap, buy a lot of land in a rural area!
  • A lot of the North West hadn't been discovered yet, delete all surrounding lots/households.
  • You may replace lots with a few historically accurate residential lots/households.
  • A new decade will start when your eldest child becomes a teen, but if you want the timeline to be more accurate, you can change to a new decade every 20 Sims Days.

  • Build a small cabin, only one bedroom allowed, you may have a loft.
  • You may use motherlode to build your cabin accurately, but use the cheats "testingcheats on" and "money 100" to start with 100 Simoleans before you play!
  • There is no electricity, you must use candles, lanterns, and fireplaces for light and warmth.
  • Your sims must use bathtubs (No showers)
  • No indoor plumbing, only outside toilets!
  • You have to build your house with what you find. Use wood/stone to build your property. This includes walls, floors, furniture.
  • Old fashion stove/appliances

  • Men must make a living through Woodworking, Gardening, Painting, Fishing, Busking, Searching for Collectibles, etc. (Writing is not allowed until 1860s as the typewriter was not commercially available until 1865, so no typewrite cc. You can get the mod that lets you write with a paper notebook here )
  • Men must also pay the bills, fix broken items, keep a close relationship with the heir, choose and speak to suitors before introducing to his daughters
  • Women can help with the Gardening and Painting, but women must take care of the children, cook all of the meals, teach the toddlers skills, read to the children, clean the home, wash the laundry.
  • If a woman becomes widowed, then she may earn money through Painting, Gardening, Busking, or Candle Making (Modded) .
  • For fun, sims can Play Horseshoes, Darts, or Chess. They can also Paint, Take Photos, Play the Piano and Fiddle, or Read. There is a simple upright piano mod here , as your sims would not be able to afford the grand pianos we have in game. (Sims may not listen to music yet).
  • Your sims cannot afford birth control, you must try for a baby, or no woohoo for youhoo!
  • Can only paint classic, landscape, realism, and impressionist paintings
  • Grow a cow plant for the 1860s (You'll use this to kill off sims that die in war. You can also use cheats or mods to kill off sims.)
  • Must cure sickness with natural remedies.
  • Your sim may not go to festivals, events, or parties.
  • You sim may not have parties but may have friends over.
  • You may not use a pregnancy test to determine if you're pregnant.
  • You can use cellphone to invite other people over, we will consider it a letter in that case.

  • There is no way around this, a lot of people were terribly racist. It isn't socially acceptable to marry outside of your own ethnicity, but if you do then you aren't allowed to speak to any sims outside of the family, unless that sim is considered a good friend beforehand. (YOU CAN SKIP THIS RULE!)
  • No "Try For Baby" until married, cheeky bastard.
  • Teenagers may not "mess around".
  • Gay marriage is not legal, but affairs are welcome, especially with spares! That being said, openly gay sims may not have friendships outside of the family as they would be shunned by society.
  • Sims will get married at home and may not have a party.
  • Sims cannot get a divorce unless one of them commits adultery
  • If your sim is widowed they must wear all black for 7 days and may not be remarried until after those 7 days, this is cut down to 3 days if you're changing decades every 20 days.
  • Your sims may not join or create or join any clubs.

  • Heirs will be the eldest legitimate male child, but if you only get girls then the eldest will be the heir, and her husband will be the head of the family.
  • You may choose your children's aspirations, but you must randomize their traits.
  • Breastfeed your babies (No bottles).
  • Have babies at home.
  • Your children/teens don't have to go to school, they may stay and help with painting/fishing/finding frogs, etc. Use this mod to have children stay home from school with no consequences.
  • Daughters may not move out until they are married.

Helpful Links for the 1870s:

(UPDATE)The 1860s - The Civil War

The year is 1860 and the United States is at war... with itself! Men are shipped off to war by the thousands, and women must take control of the home and finances while they are away, praying an eligible heir will survive.

1860s Rules:

  • This generation begins when the eldest child becomes a teenager, or after 20 days if you're playing the quicker version.
  • All of your sons will leave to war the morning after they age up to a teenager.
  • To simulate wartime, all males teen-adult must be moved to a different lot until the war is over, or you can create a separate hidden area for them on your lot (Basements are helpful)
  • Your sims will be at war until your youngest son has served for 7 sim days, this is so all of the men return from war at the same time, simulating the end of the civil war.
  • Roll a die the first day of war to decide which of your men survive, if they do not then you must feed them to the cow plant or kill them off any other way you see fit. If the roll is an even number your sim survives the war, if it's odd your sim doesn't make it.
  • If none of your sons survive the war then one of your daughters will take over as the heiress and her eldest son will carry on the legacy.
  • Battle is hard on a man. Men who survive war must take on one negative trait when they reach adulthood. They can choose from: Gloomy, Hot-headed, Clumsy, Insane, Mean, Hates Children, Jealous, Evil or Noncommittal. (You can also download your own traits as there are not many of them in game, some examples may be: Absent Minded , PTSD , Coward , Violent ).

  • Men may make money through writing when they come back from war, typewriters would be invented in 1968, and you can get them here .
  • Women may make a living through Woodworking, Painting, Gardening, Busking, Fishing, or Candle Making (Modded) while the men are at war.
  • All women, even children and teens, must help with the children, household duties, garden, etc.

  • You may add more rooms to your home.

Helpful Links for the 1860s:
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