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Old 12th Jul 2018, 10:20 AM Sims 4 – Cheaper by The Dozen – Remake #1
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Sims 4 – Cheaper by The Dozen – Remake

This is a remake of my previous challenge The Cheaper by The Dozen Challenge. I’ve done some reworking, since coming back to TS4 a few days ago, and think I’ve finally gotten the kinks out of this version of the challenge. Unlike TS3 version, there are now two stages of the challenge. The first revolving around Creating the loving family in as little time as possible, and the second more focused on seeing them to adulthood and watching them start having children of their own.

Step One as always is to create two Sims In CAS, with the following Traits and Aspirations. As always Appearances and name are entirely up to you. However, the names Lillian and Frank come to mind as examples of fitting names for this challenge.

Frank: I know it’s not your fault Lilly, but things would have been a whole lot easier if you'd taken my advice and had all boys.
Lillian: I'm sorry, dear. I'll try to be more careful with the next dozen.
- Cheaper By The Dozen, 1950 Movie


Parent One The Stay-at-Home (Mom/Dad)
Big Happy Family
Family Oriented – Neat – Foodie

Parent Two The Workaholic (Mom/Dad)
Nerd Brain
Perfectionist * Genus – Family Oriented

Prerequisites for Chapter One

  • Use FreeRealEstate Cheat to either Purchase/Build your house.
    • You will have $22,000 to build if you desire
    • Or $22,000 to download from the Gallery
  • After the house is built/bought starting funds is $1,000.
  • Must Buy A Family Portrait and display proudly.
  • MUST HAVE (2) Cradles, (2) Toddler Beds, (2) Twin Beds, (1) Double Bed to start.
  • Parent Two MUST have a career.


The important thing in this Chapter is for Parent Two to rise in his Career, wail Parent One has the children and keeps house. There are no Gender prerequisites for either sim, but for an easier playthrough, Stay-at-home-mom and Workaholic dad is recommended. BUT WHO SAID THIS HAS TO BE EASY!

Sim-lifespan is up to you, Short for Those Hardcore Simmers, Normal for the Average Player, and Long for those who want something different. Normal and Short lifespans play the same, however, there is the twist for those who play long to keep the challenge, *well* Challenging.

Goals for Short, Normal &Long Lifespans

Stay-At-Home Parent
[list][*]Max out following skills.
  • Cooking
  • Parenting - (I think that a pack skill if you have it.) [/cleaning]
  • Complete Aspiration: Big Happy Family
  • Begin working on the second aspiration
  • Have hired a Regular Maid
  • Have hired a Nanny at least once.
  • Have Twelve Children with there spouse
On Long Lifespan, add Max Cleaning Skill

Workaholic Parent
  • Complete Aspiration: Nerd Brain
  • Begin working on a second aspiration
  • Reach the top of a chosen career
  • Have hired a Regular Maid
  • Have hired a Nanny at least once.
  • Have Twelve Children with there spouse
On Long Lifespan, add Max Parenting & Handy Skills

Toddlers & Babies
All toddlers and Babies need to grow up well, and not be taken by social services.

  • Do well in School
  • Max out 1 Skill
  • Have *at least* one friend outside of the family
On Long Lifespan, Two friends.

  • Max out two skills
  • Do well in School
  • Can not have a Job but contribute to the household fund.
  • Have *at least* two friends outside of the family.
On Long Lifespan, Three friends.

Adult Children
All Children that are Young Adults must be Married before moved out.

Once you have completed these Goals and the Twelfth baby is born you can move to Chapter Two


“Dad himself used to tell a story about one time when Mother went off to fill a lecture engagement and left him in charge at home. When Mother returned, she asked him if everything had run smoothly.
Didn't have any trouble except with that one over there,' he replied. 'But a spanking brought him into line.'
Mother could handle any crisis without losing her composure.
That's not one of ours, dear,' she said. 'He belongs next door.”
― Frank B. Gilbreth Jr., Cheaper by the Dozen


Chapter Two

Chapter two is a little different and provides the simmer with a shakeup in the gameplay, you no longer will be controlling two adult sims and their offspring. Instead, because of a tragic accident (Most likely involving a pool ladder), the Patriarch/Matriarch has unexpectedly died. The Living parent must rejoin the workforce after having been a stay-at-home parent for so long, and still maintain to spend time and raise their children. Children will be expected to help around the house, help raise younger children, and maintain their own social lives, and academic endeavors as their deceased parent would have wanted them to stay in school and receive an education. For reference, this chapter is called Bells on Their Toes.

"When You Wore a Tulip and I Wore a Big Red Rose"
- Clifton Webb, Bells on Their Toes 1952

Goals for Chapter Two
Parent One
  • Take over your Spouses Career Path
  • Reach the Top of Said Career
  • Relive Maid Services
  • All Children were Straight A Students
  • All Children are Young Adults, Married, & Moved Out

Toddlers & Babies
All toddlers and Babies need to grow up well, and not be taken by social services.

  • Do well in School
  • Max out two Skills
  • Have one BFF
  • Have *at least*two friend outside of the family

  • Max out two skills
  • Do well in School
  • Have *at least* two friends outside of the family.
  • Get A Job
  • Have one BFF
  • Have Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Adult Children
All Children that are Young Adults must Get a job, get married, & move out.

Once the Twelfth, becomes an adult this challenge can be finished, or continued in an Optional Chapter Three.


Chapter Three
Life After Challenge

It’s hard to really, end a challenge like this after you put so much work into it. I find that with this challenge you tend to grow very attached to this family and want to keep playing them no matter what. Which is why, this last chapter is an optional one, for those simmers who fit this description. In this end, the goal is simple don’t end it! Keep playing keep going… Create an infinite Legacy following the example of the Workaholic Parent. “Work hard, love your family, and remember They come Cheaper by The Dozen.”

Little Johnny, getting married and only wanting that one kid because he hated the idea of big families after growing up in one.
Or, how cool would it be, Jr. became that writer you wanted him to be and wrote several books about his much-beloved parent. Those books becoming movies, and sim-based challenges.


The youngest child might strive to know their parent and want to emulate them in which case you would scroll back to the beginning of this Challenge.

Goals for Life After Challenge

Standard Legacy Rules Apply here
  • Place each child on an empty lot
  • Have them get a job
  • Get Married
  • And Have an Heir


Notes & Mod Recommendations

Full House Mod - By TwistedMexi
MC Controller

This was made using Base Game, and Expansions or Game packs are Optional and not needed.

Please comment your thoughts and post your stories below, I'd love to see them!

- Grammer was checked by Grammarly.com

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