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Old 27th Dec 2017, 10:15 PM meshing and dissapear in bodyshop #1
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i'm used to make recolor and creating my own mesh but,everytime i creat a mesh with more details,the mesh dessapear in the bodyshope...at first...does anybod know what i'm doing wrong? (sorry for my bad english it not my first language)
Old 30th Dec 2017, 1:36 AM #2
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You'll have to explain the problem a bit more, possibly also upload the files (because there could be several things wrong, and it's easier to spot the problems if there's something to look at).

If you think you've followed the tutorials properly, did you try to delete the cache files before starting Bodyshop? They can sometimes mess with meshes and recolors if changes have been made to files previously opened in Bodyshop/CAS/ingame.

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