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Old 14th Jan 2019, 2:54 AM DefaultDownClan update #1 #501
eliza <3
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Hello again! I decided to post an update for DownClan.

So both my cats have payed many, MANY visits to the farm now, getting to know the cats there. On the way back to their territory one day, Cloverstar saw a strange cat. He talked to them, and they said their name was Thethuthinnang (the first one to get the reference gets a cookie ). Eventually, after a lot of visits to the farm, Cloverstar and Dandelionpelt decide to take some of the farm cats with them because they knew that they needed cats and that they were having a hard time coping with the environment at the farm. They take Summer, Cookie, Aqua, and Aqua's two kits, Oliver and Jango. Once they get home, Cloverstar gives them Clan names. Summer becomes Sunpool, Cookie becomes Brownears, Aqua becomes Riverflower, Oliver becomes Olivekit, and Jango has decided to keep his original name (although I still changed his last name to show he's in DownClan). Pimpernel, Aqua's mate and the 'leader' of the farm cats, gets left behind when he was sleeping in the doghouse (I mean seriously though I noticed that when my cats went in there to meet up with the farm cats and take them back to their camp, pretty odd considering he's enemies with that dog )

Anyways, I feel like you all should know what these cats look like and the other cats' genders so here goes with some allegiances;

Leader- Cloverstar- white tom
Deputy- Dandelionpelt- golden-brown tom
Sunpool- white she-cat with ginger tabby patches
Brownears- brown tom
Riverflower- seal point she-cat (mother to Olivekit and Jango)
Olivekit- seal point tom with white paws
Jango- seal point tom

Cats outside the Clans (these are only the ones that my cats have seen)
Pimpernel- red tabby tom, a farm cat (mate of Riverflower/Aqua)
Thethuthinnang- tortoiseshell and white she-cat
Hlao- spotted silver tabby tom (my cats saw him visiting at the barn even though he's a rogue and not a farm cat, so I'm assuming he must be a friend of the farm cats)
Old Yesterday, 12:19 PM DefaultSunClan ~ Update #3 #502
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"Um... Pepper? Luna? I don't think we're in Twolegplace anymore."

Glancing around in bewilderment and wonder, the gray-blue she-kit eyed the strange area around her and her two companions, having never been in such a landscape before. How could a place be so... green? And crowded with plants? She'd trotted through her fair share of grass - a lot of the Twoleg dens she'd seen were surrounded in short, neatly-trimmed meadows where bushes and flowers were sometimes grown - but this... this was something else altogether. Everything crawled with life; the flutter of butterfly and bird wings and the scuttle of bugs and lizards' feet could be heard from every direction.

All in all, it was... weird.

"Oh yeah... I guess not." murmured Luna, swiping her tongue over her paw and drawing it behind her ear. "Should we go back? Where did we even come from, again...?"

"I think... that way! No, that way!" Pepper whipped around in different directions in hyperactive triumph, skinny tail lashing, before he eventually stopped and looked to the biggest of the three, clueless. "So, uh... where did we come from, Maria?"

Maria rolled her eyes in exasperation before pointing out the opening in the bushes where the three of them had come tumbling in. "That way. But, do we really want to go back? I mean, think about it. I haven't smelled a single dog or Twoleg while we were walking around, and there's plenty of bugs to catch and eat! We'd be set for life!"

"Eugh... bugs? And why would we want to catch things if the Twolegs leave food out for us, anyways?" Luna wrinkled her nose, black eyes narrowing.

"Because, mousebrain, that food isn't even for us! Every time we eat the food left out, we run the risk of having a dog or a bigger cat coming around to kill us and steal it!" Maria hissed in argument, tail lashing irritatedly. "If we stay out here, we don't have to worry about any of that!"

"But... what about our parents?"

Maria narrowed her eyes and looked over at Pepper, mouth already half-open to retort, but when she saw the crestfallen look on his face, she let it go and merely sighed. "Look. Think of it this way. If we stay in one place and manage not to die, it'll be easier for them to find us, don't you think? This place seems safe. They can track us down and find us, and then that's when we can all go home. Alright?"

The small tom scuffed a paw against the ground, hesitant but resigned. "I... guess so..."

"Now. We should probably focus on-- "

Before the she-kit could say anything else, the rustle of undergrowth and the scent of a cat - an adult cat - caught the trio's attention.

And a flame-colored head poked out from the bushes, black eyes wide with curiosity.

"...Uh, hello? Who's there?"


SunClan has gained three new members: Maria, Luna, and Pepper! Three rogue kits from Twolegplace, much like our founders.

After a talk with Goldenstar, the young trio agreed to stay for a while under the Clan's care until they were found by their parents and thus taken back to their homes in Twolegplace. All three settled in well, getting along greatly with the other kits in the Clan. That is to say, Emberflight's litter...

...as well as Snowspeckle's!

Yep! Snowspeckle's long since had her kits, a healthy little tom and she-kit!

On the left is the tom, named Dawnkit, and on the right is the she-kit, named Cloudedkit. They're super cute and I absolutely love the combination of Simon and Snowspeckle's markings!

After a while, the kits grew comfortable with their environment and asked to have their own Clan names, like their denmates did. Granting their wishes, Goldenstar held a mini ceremony for the three of them, and gave them their new names; Maria is now Rainkit, Luna is now Driftkit, and Pepper is now Galekit.

But that's not all! Not long after, our eldest three have aged up and become apprentices!

Poppypaw was chosen to be the apprentice of Goldenstar herself, and is the most promising hunter out of all her siblings! She seems most inclined to land hunting, but has shown some talent in fishing as well.

Eelpaw was assigned to Whisperpool, having had an extremely close bond with the medicine cat during kithood. She excels most in fishing, and will surely make for a skilled medicine cat in the future, despite her fidgety tendencies.

Firepaw was assigned to Emberflight, and unfortunately hasn't gotten as good of a grasp on hunting as his siblings. However, he has a good attitude and is willing to put in the extra effort to practice and catch up to them with their mother's help!


and that's the tea for now. thank goODNESS these three finally aged up when they did. the food situation was getting a little hectic with only three active hunters to feed twelve hungry mouths altogether. oof i played really far ahead since the last update, but thankfully there wasn't too much to report. seeya next update!

SunClan Cat List: https://docs.google.com/document/d/...dit?usp=sharing

Ailments and Cures List: https://docs.google.com/document/d/...dit?usp=sharing

Random Generators: https://docs.google.com/document/d/...dit?usp=sharing

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