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Old 1st Nov 2014, 4:09 AM DefaultOfficial MTS 2015 Calendar Contest #1
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Official MTS 2014 Calendar Contest

November has rolled around again, bringing with it our annual calendar contests! Starting today, we are launching not one, not two, but three calendar contests for 2015. The contests will run for the entire month of November. There will be one specific for each game. This contest will give you a chance to share unique screenshots from your game depicting the calendar year.

The theme this year is centered around the classic Miss/Mr concept and should be a "modeling-esque" shot with your single sim as the main focus representing the "feel" of a particular month. A winner will be chosen for each month for, up to, a total of 36 winners (12 for each game)!

For Details and a chance to enter visit the game thread of your choice (or even all 3)!

TS2 Contest

TS3 Contest

TS4 Contest

Just a note: this year, with having 3 different contests to run and a possible of over 500 entries, I have enlisted the help of some other moderators to help run them. justJones will be in charge of the TS2 contest while missroxor will be hosting the TS4 contest. That said, we'll all be keeping an eye on them and regardless of the host, these are still official contests.

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Old 25th Dec 2014, 1:08 AM #2

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Because there's no such thing as too many llamas in a thread...

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i dont get it, what is llamas ? :D

Old 10th May 2015, 8:46 AM #4
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Originally Posted by devieduran
i dont get it, what is llamas ? :D

Ruminant mammal of about 120 cm tall, long and strong hair, usually combined with black or white and brown, long neck, and long erect ears; lives in small herds in South America.

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