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Old 1st Mar 2019, 6:58 PM #226
Test Subject

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I'm curious how you all handle bills? If I use a mod like the visitor controller and ban the mailperson, will the bills stop? OR, is there a mod that makes bills $0 but still brings things like gifts and postcards?
Old 1st Mar 2019, 10:05 PM #227
Test Subject

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I usually just ban the mail person from all lots, but you do miss out on getting postcards that way. I don't know of any mod like the one you described but I sure would love one!
Old 20th Mar 2019, 5:24 AM #228
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Hi RayeNation, and welcome! The bills issue is a challenging one to handle in any historically slanted sims game for sure. I've experimented with playing using Cyjon's BiggerBills mod, which allows you to have bills come more often and make them larger, which seems counter-intuitive, but could be considered as the taxation system. To use this, you would have to rethink how you use the Steward in the challenge and how he collects, perhaps using Mog's computer, but with a little creativity it can be done. Another mod you could try is Amura's Custom Bills (here on MTS). Sorry for the late reply, but hope this helps!
Cheers, Vllygrl

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Old 27th Mar 2019, 10:33 AM #229
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I have the mailman stop by every Tuesday and Thursday, but with default replacement clothing, available here and at other places. In fact, I've defaulted nearly every single piece of clothing or item used in the game and hiders do the rest to take care of game content.

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