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Old 28th Jun 2018, 6:03 PM DefaultMaking slanted roofs using floor tiles #1
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Test Subject

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I'm trying to create roofs similar to the ones in this great upload:

I have some experience playing around with build mode and cheats, and can recreate the slant easily enough with the floor elevation cheat, but then I can't build the regular walls beneath the roof. Even tried using foundations of different heights, but then I still can't connect the walls. There's some trick I'm missing.

I've tried looking for guides, because I know this must be a fairly common request, but I couldn't find any and any pages supposedly linking to guides just led to dead and abandoned sites.

I've downloaded and looked at the Amsterdam lot, and the creator has found a way to create the slanted floor-roofs but make the walls level at the bottom, so they can connect to normal walls beneath them, making a functional house with just a few crooked/short walls at the very top. That's the step I'm missing.

Thanks so much for any tips and tutorials you're able to provide!
Old 28th Jun 2018, 6:39 PM #2
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Test Subject

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Posts: 47

Oh, bloody hell, after much frustration and experimenting and then finally caving and asking for help, inspiration struck and I just figured out how to do it.

The short version in case anyone else is having the same problem:
Build the house with all the walls you want. Then make a separate structure using ground elevation, foundations and columns that has the same number of storeys as the house but is of the height you want on the lower parts; drag the new height from the contraption to the roof using the ground elevation tool and CFE off.

If any has any particularly good floor-as-roof tutorials handy, please still share them, I'd love to see and I'm sure it could be handy for others as well.
Old 29th Jun 2018, 1:56 AM #3
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I can't remember where I got the tutorial from many years ago, but what It taught was to use the CFE cheat on an already placed floor to create the slant - pretty much what you figured out. It was something like:

1. make a floor on the roof level with the tiles you want to be your "roof tiles"
2. build a CFE wall/contraptions away from the house, perpendicular to the desired roof ridge. Then, from the outside in, raise each section on the contraption 2-4 clicks (or whatever slope you want) higher than the section outside it
3. CFE the two outside rows of your floor (one row on each side opposite wall that will be the eaves [lowest part] of the finished roof) using the contraption as a guide, then move in to the next two rows, etc., till you get to the middle {ridge}

You may have to play around with it a bit, to compensate for the holes in my memory, but that's pretty much the process. I'm sure I've forgotten some simple but important step.

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