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Old 8th Jan 2018, 8:16 PM DefaultDo you truly love music? #1
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I've loved music since I was in my mother's belly, she would put on some music and I would start kicking around .
I love music, I'm grateful that I can listen to it, and my mom was exactly the same. I could listen to any song, I could listen to music all day.
What are your thoughts about music?

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I love music, too. One thing I always tend to do is if I really like a song then I can typically memorize the lyrics to it after a few listens. I'm not all that open to listening to new bands (I guess I just have to "discover' them by myself) though I tend to listen to music while playing Sims 2 (I play in windowed mode and I have the music so it overpowers the game. lol).

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