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Old 14th Jan 2018, 3:45 PM #51
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Originally Posted by Emerald1234
smell my own farts

Well, everyone does something weird and you just made my day . I sometimes pick at my scabs just to let blood out and drink it. (no, I'm not a vampire, I only like my own blood)

- Anything is Possible -
Old 15th Jan 2018, 4:16 AM #52
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Husband caught me talking to my fish...
and when my daughter was little I taught her to make chicken noises. We HAD chickens, so they are well done. We have been someplace in public baGAUKing at each other.

Old 15th Jan 2018, 12:22 PM #53
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My daddy, who was one of God's truly special people, used to amuse my sister and me by doing the Tarzan yell as we were walking through the grocery store. It embarrassed my poor mother so much, but we loved it.

"Death cannot stop true love; all it can do is delay it for awhile."
Old 16th Jan 2018, 4:29 AM #54
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Sometimes, when someone is giving a boring angry lecture, I'll mouth "Blah blah blah."

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