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Old 7th Feb 2018, 2:52 AM Defaultwrong download filter / wrong colors (hurts my eyes!) #1
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I tried changing user tools, user options to only show Sims 2 stuff in Downloads and my color scheme changed! [edit] I fixed the colors
It was the old style nice light blue/white scheme and now it's some dark slate blue with grey and a green bar at the top.
Please make it stop, hurts my eyes, and I can't change it back.

I used to go to MTS and it would show features, trending, latest downloads, for all the games.
I set it to go to Downloads instead of homepage, I think. Thought maybe that broke things.
Set it back to homepage, which is what I though I had, but the filtering isn't fixed.

[edit] fixed my bookmark, that was the problem, not an MTS setting, but the All vs. Sims 4 filter issue below persists

[edit] I went to user tools, set options. I set downloads to show Sims 2 and only see Sims 2, so far so good.
If I set it to All, I don't see 2/3/4 like I used to. Instead, I still see Sims 2 but the setting
now says Sims 4 instead of All. That isn't correct behavior. Please help.

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