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Old 12th Feb 2018, 8:46 PM DefaultHow do you keep your legacies interesting? #1
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Test Subject

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So I'm a big fan of playing legacy families (by my own rules) where I keep every family member within the same household throughout as many generations as possible. In my current play through, I'm on my third generation but I'm starting to get a little bit bored. So I was wondering, how do you keep your legacy plays interesting and fun? I'd love to hear how others play their legacy families!
Old 13th Feb 2018, 12:36 AM #2
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Here are some of the things I do:
1) I share my stories. Writing and then getting feedback and knowing at least a few people are invested keeps me motivated, though I know writing isn't everyone's cup of tea.
2) Even despite that kind of story, storytelling is big! I don't just let the game entirely tell me what or who my sim is - I come up with a more detailed personality for my sims and play by that even if it isn't the most ideal choice, or the kind I would usually make. One of my favorite sims to play is a mean, evil, outdoors-loving scientist who married an alien and concocts tainted Ghost Goo serums to feed to unsuspecting townies after she fights them. Her daughter is a former bodybuilder who became an art critic because living with such a crazy mom left her wanting to be good at everything for approval. The granddaughter is a teen who is hoping to use her dog's Simstagram fame to propel herself into a Social Media career.
3) I embrace randomness. I always use a generator for traits (hence how I ended up with a mean, evil, outdoor-loving sim) so my sims are not all the same and have unfortunate traits sometimes. I also roll for who the heir is. I've done legacies where either I picked the heir or I did reader polls, and that usually resulted in the most successful (if me) or prettiest (if readers) sim being chosen, but leaving it up to a randomizer means all the kids should be semi-successful just in case, and I never know what to expect for the next heir.
4) Try other variations on challenges, either in your legacy or in another family. When I need a break from regular legacy play, I have a family that I am playing an ISBI with. It's still basically legacy play but with enough hands-off chaos that I'm entertained, and then going back to a regular legacy is a relief because they're not all peeing themselves everywhere. My secondary legacy is all aliens and I'm playing them on the penthouse lot in San Myshuno. Some people enjoy genetic challenges like uglacies or prettacies. Just giving yourself some kind of other objective than "keep family going" can inject a lot of entertainment into the process.
5) Um...stubbornness? I've only completed one legacy (back in Sims 2), but my main legacy is in generation 7 and going strong, in my opinion. I have several side stories and legacies, but even though I put stories on hiatus occasionally and have a long time between updates, I don't give up on them. If you put one down for a while and come back to it with fresh eyes a while later, you may be reenergized by it.
Old 13th Feb 2018, 2:07 AM #3
Lab Assistant

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Legacy is no different than any other gameplay. Everytime you have your new heir/heiress it's like starting over with a new single sim. You can make their life whatever, play however, however you'd play with starting out with a single sim.

I do different careers and aspirations. And different kinda relationships.
Old 13th Feb 2018, 8:26 AM #4
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I set up goals for each generation and track my families extensively in excel. I only played about 6-7 generations in 4 as I get too bored in 4, but my family in 3 was at generation 34 when 4 came out and I switched to 4 for a while.
Old 13th Feb 2018, 1:42 PM #5
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i tell myself that in reality these sims are no different then ones I'd start new with - you get a new heir that you can start again with. I got to gen six a few times by not starting over all the times I wanted to - and it was really rewarding reaching looking back at the nice family tree and pictures. The only reason I stopped at gen 6 was my heir was my toddlers kept not being able to age up and it was super freaking annoying, one of them just disappeared so I had continuity issues with that gen so I said fuck it.
Old 14th Feb 2018, 8:29 PM #6
Test Subject

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I'm new to the legacy thing. I'm just finding forums and games to see what I can do. Does anyone recommend a starter challenge?
Old 14th Feb 2018, 11:50 PM #7
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People play all kinds of different ways, and some people just use 'legacy' to mean multi-generational play regardless of rules. But if you want, there's always the classic legacy challenge. It's pretty easy to get started with, and then you can look at variations. Personally, I like having rules and the challenge of lawn living and such at first. I've never understood "legacies" that start with a perfectly decorated house, but that's me. https://www.simslegacychallenge.com...hallenge-rules/

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