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Old Yesterday, 3:13 PM #13826
Peni Griffin
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You are not imagining it. It always turns on to the salsa station. I don't know of a mod to change this.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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Old Yesterday, 3:22 PM #13827
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Dang. Those sims love their Salsa.
Old Yesterday, 11:05 PM #13828
Field Researcher

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I still don't know what a tooltip actually does even though I read about it. Do I have to add a tooltip every time I recolor a hair or eyes? Is it the same as actually naming the recolor when you get ready to package it?


Old Today, 1:21 AM
This message has been deleted by rollingstarr. Reason: i ended up resolving it. my bad. carry on.
Old Today, 7:25 PM #13829
Test Subject

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Another day another glitch in my game, haha. I had a townie that I've been aging up with one of my kids, she started as child and she is a teen. It's time for him to be an adult now and she won't age when I select her. It says "preparing townie to age 1/1" and then she just goes and starts dancing or somemthing and doesn't age? Does anyone know a way I can force her to age?

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