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Old 16th Feb 2018, 4:15 PM #251
Test Subject

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Well, looks like more families to play in Bluewater Village! The Welcome Wagon for the returned Landgraab IV family included Chico and Lisa Ramirez and Florence Delarosa.

Landgraab IV: Malcolm had been itching to get back to his family home and his home turf. Nicholas and Opal's wedding was the perfect time as Olive gave them the Specter home as a wedding gift!
The Landgraab Mansion had been sitting empty for years so Malcolm went on ahead and had extensive renovations done to accommodate his wife and twin daughters.
Two beautiful rooms in the upstairs west wing, over the extended kitchen/dining/office downstairs, were completed.
One in pink for Claire, his neat as a pin, loves pink daughter, and one in green for Mallory, the sports enthusiast who will wear anything but pink!
The east wing, over the pool room downstairs, was a suite for him and Olive that included a large bedroom, ensuite bathroom, and a parents retreat with doors to the upstairs balcony.
With everything in place, Malcolm invited them all over to see their new home and they settled in. The girls headed off to their new school, but they were a little late so they both lost 1/2 a letter grade!
Malcolm will be making some nasty phone calls about that! On a positive note, Malcolm surprised Olive with a grand piano in the new entry hall and the superior telescope she wanted on their upstairs balcony!
Then some neighbors arrived, the aforementioned Ramirez couple and Florence. Some nice socialization ensued along with a couple of meals as the neighbors stayed way into the early hours of the morning!
The girls returned from school bringing Michael Ottomas home. They both slept in the double bed in the pink room their first night, apparently wanting to be together as they had always shared a room!
Their grades improved the next school day, Claire's back to her A+, and Mallory's a B+. Mallory is looking forward to getting her first A+, maybe Wednesday.
So the Langraabs settled into their old/new home in a wonderfully green Bluewater Village and are looking forward to the wonderful times ahead!

Delarosa: Florence is a new resident in Bluewater Village and she had set up a Flower Shop business in her home.
But after some soul searching, she realized what she really wanted was to pursue a Medical career and become Chief of Staff at the local Medical Center.
So she closed the business, which gave her some much needed funds, and found a job in Medical as a Paramedic right away, which just told her she was doing the right thing!
And she really wanted a pet, so she adopted a male kitten, Cymmi. He's such a cute little thing and even used the littler box right from the start. And they said he wasn't very smart!
The Welcome Wagon arrived consisting of Loki Beaker from Strangetown proper, who she was acquainted with, and Sanjay Ramaswami and Wanda Tinker who she was meeting for the 1st time and both lived in the Village.
She's already acquainted with the Jacquets, Gilbert mostly, as well as a few others around the neighborhood.
She's gotten a promotion and learned a few skills. And realized that even though she didn't care about selling flowers, she does like Nature as a hobby.
She doesn't know what the future will bring, but she does know that she's happy with her choices so far.

Will post about the other Bluewater Village families when I can get Origin and my game running so I can play them! So picky and irritating!
Happy Simming all!
Old 16th Feb 2018, 5:21 PM #252
Test Subject

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Since I'm waiting on my computer to cooperate to play BWV, I'll continue with the Strangetown Downtown families.

Worthington III: Frances J. got bored with his private dorm at Uni and River Smith was looking for place so his GF, Erin Welsh, could moved in and attend Uni.
They were pretty great roommates even though, as 3 bolt attraction sims, they spent a lot of time romancing each other!
When he graduated, he left Mallory Schweber, a Romance friend of Ripp Grunts, who's now a Junior, in charge of his dorm. He donated it to La Fiesta Tech with the condition that it continue to bear the Worthington III name.
As a Fortune Sim from a long line of wealthy Sims, he decided Strangetown was too remote, an BWV a little too much of a backwater, so he headed for the fresh, wealthier district Downtown!
He settled into an Apartment in Cornerstone Condos, got a job in his preferred field of Law, and went hunting for a rich wife. He'd heard of a beautiful and wealthy, Fortune sim labeled as The Diva and was determined to meet her!
He started hitting all the hot spots, clubs, and bars in downtown and ended up at a dive that had karaoke and poker tables! Just for fun, he had a fellow hit on the less than pretty bar tender. Drama ensued!
Apparently the poor fellow was romantically involved with the exotic green skinned redhead he'd been playing poker with and she slapped the poor guy silly!
But then the room stood still as someone entered---he looked across the room and was struck by her sheer beauty and poise! It had to be The Diva! But even if it wasn't, he was hooked.
He quickly introduced himself and they spent the rest of the evening and into the wee hours of the morning chatting and flirting! One thing led to another and they had a couple of Dream Dates and fell in love!
He wanted to get engaged, she wanted to get married, so he asked her to move in---she did with $70,000 Simoleons! He hit the jackpot! A beautiful wife he was in love with and she was rich!
They had a Roof Raiser wedding in the apartment, followed by a lavish honeymoon on Twikkii Island! He wants a baby! Baby music on their honeymoon! And it's a beautiful baby girl, Mary Jane!

The 2nd family on my next post.
Old 18th Feb 2018, 12:56 PM #253
Test Subject

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2nd Downtown family:

Couderc: Amin grew up in Strangetown with Nicholas Subject. And he was one of the privileged few NPC Sims who got to go to Uni! (Back when there were only a few kids in town).
He was also one of those that was still undecided on what his Aspiration would be, and finally chose Knowledge. He was all set to spend his life learning about everything, when he met Jennifer Seavey,
a Downtownie with a hat and braided hair that he found irresistible! They went out a lot and had several Dream Dates, and got engaged, but he kept his grades up and graduated with high honors.
After Uni, he moved back to Strangetown with Nicholas into the old Specter Place. It had changed a lot over the years and was full of people now, and a large dog!
A much happier place, but on the wild side, and he wanted a place of his own.
So he moved into a small apartment in Cornerstone Condos and asked Jennifer to move in---she did! They are focusing on their careers , him in Science and her in Law Enforcement, while Jennifer plans their wedding!
He keeps telling her they have plenty of time, what's the rush? But she keeps asking him about flowers and cake. He hopes he's ready when she gets all her plans together.

Game back up and running, so will continue with the other BWV families on next post.

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