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Old 19th Mar 2018, 9:17 AM DefaultI'm not having fun anymore... (with The Sims/games) #1
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Just wanted to know if I was the only one feeling this or something...
-Sorry about the super long text-

I've had this feeling for a while where I don't have fun while playing games anymore.
Let me explain how it goes :
- TS4 annoys me (there's a lot of little things I find annoying in the game, like, ''hurgh there's fake houses in the back of this neighborhood'' etc, little things that for some reason destroy my fun).
I'm building a house : I get bored.
I try building a house for 20000$ : I get bored because you can't decorate a house properly with that amount of money.
I decide to play the game vanilla and create a normal household : I get bored.
- I decide to go back to TS2 because it is the best game in the franchise -> I end up bored as well because the vanilla game is way too empty, and on the other end, I can't be bothered to download tons and tons of custom content.
- I then decide to find a new game to play : I literally cannot find anything I feel like I'd enjoy.
Firstly, I'm scared of buying a game and then regret spending my money because I don't like the game, which means everytime I buy a new game, I feel a little bad/scared.
Yesterday, I bought Software Inc., thinking it would be fun to run a company - felt like Hotel Giant lol. But then I played it and it was way too complicated for me (way too much micro management... Which is weird in a management game, eheheh got it?). I ended up getting a refund after 50 minutes.
Sometimes, when I'm bored, I will spend hours looking for THE game on Steam but won't find it and I end up bored AND annoyed.
I've tried Paladins and Fortnite and sure it's fun for a few days but it gets boring real fast because it's always the same. Too repetitive for me.
I have games I love : The Sims, Skyrim, Starbound... But I've played them so much that I cannot be bothered to restart everything again, you know what I mean ? There's no discovery to it, the magic is gone. Which is annoying because I really love these games.
I've always played videogames and it's my go to activity if that makes sense. So when I'm left bored with no games... I don't know what to do.
Is it me growing ''too old'' for video games ? (I know you can't actually be too old for video games but like was it a fun thing when I was young and now I need different activities ?)
Am I too demanding ?
Anyone else feeling this ?
This is really frustrating.
Old 19th Mar 2018, 9:31 AM #2

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I can be this way, for sure... Sometimes I'll work on projects and I'll have a blast with it, but then I, like an idiot, overwork myself and will lose any and all interest I had in it. I was making a Sims 2-like game in a game engine (using Sims 2's models and 3's animations!) and I lost interest after working on it for days on end without much rest...Same with another project (similar premise; I was remaking the game)

I've been dabbling in other stuff lately though.

Sims 2 is the one thing I can never get tired of. I think it's a masterpiece and they nailed everything perfectly! All the corruption issues aside, Maxis made one heck of a life simulation game and I commend them for it! I remember I played the game for roughly 8 hours once (breaks in between; left the game open in windowed mode).
Old 19th Mar 2018, 9:41 AM #3
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Ah mate, I’m going to assume you aren’t mid thirties like me if you are asking if you are getting too old for video games!

I get this from time to time. That’s why I went into creating for the game, to try make it more interesting for me.

I didn’t play the sims for some years, only came back to it two months ago. Already I struggle to actually play it!

Do you tend to get bored rather easily anyways? I’m always going from one obsession to the next, really annoying but I’ve accepted it’s just how I am!
Old 19th Mar 2018, 11:00 AM #4
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I think you guys are suffering from burnt out experience which is you are doing the same things for too long, and then you get bored and don't feel like doing anything, even entertainment.

If you don't try something different with the game you played with, then this might happen

Correct me if wrong.
Old 19th Mar 2018, 12:52 PM #5
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It's the same way for me too, though I think for me a lot of that has to do with my own personal problems than anything. I recently tried to play through a few games again that I really enjoy, yet I just couldn't play them much at all. I haven't played a normal Sims game in what seems like forever, and the only thing that you can even call a Sims game that I play is FreeSO but I will only play that with someone and if that someone isn't there to play it with I won't touch the game. I have so many games I've had for years now and haven't even started. For example I've had Borderlands 2 on my Xbox 360 for a long time now, but only decided to try it a couple days ago. Already I feel like I'm just doing the same things over and over again, which seems to be getting a mission then going to a location and shooting a bunch of enemies. Maybe I'm also getting too old to really enjoy games anymore, or maybe I've played the older games too much to enjoy anymore and just have a hard time with enjoying modern games so much that I'm just not sure what to do. I've been gaming for most of my life and I shouldn't be bored with it since I love it so much, I guess I'm just not in a good place in life to be able to enjoy them anymore.
Old 19th Mar 2018, 5:10 PM #6

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Originally Posted by Kompaktive
I think you guys are suffering from burnt out experience which is you are doing the same things for too long, and then you get bored and don't feel like doing anything, even entertainment.

If you don't try something different with the game you played with, then this might happen

Correct me if wrong.

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Old 19th Mar 2018, 5:39 PM #7
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A few tips:

1: Do something different in the game (write a story and take pictures for it, do a challenge, or something other you haven't tried or done in a while)
2: Learn something new (creating, posing, ...)
3: Find CC you'd like to test out (doesn't have to be a lot, but if it adds to game behavior it can be both fun and inspiring)
4: Build something out of your comfort zone. If you build regular houses all the time, it gets boring (try a community building, a different style of house, etc.)
5: Take a break. You don't have to play the sims games 24/7. Play another game, or do something different, and come back to the sims games when you start missing them.

When I get bored with TS2, I tend to create for it (which is what I've been doing most of the past couple of years). Then I go ingame to test out the items and find myself doing photoshoots for several hours with the new items.

A couple of days ago I found a cute set for TS3. I decided to convert it... and just like it goes when I'm "just" converting that set, I start making new meshes, then recoloring, then figure I need some outfits to compliment the items, and all of a sudden I've got roughly 100 new files for my game. Funny thing, inspiration
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Old 19th Mar 2018, 8:41 PM #8
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I got bored over time as well. I still play, but largely I create. I still love Sims 2 far more than any other game, although a few others are important to me as well (Sims 3 and several ancient style city building games like Caesar). But I am like everyone else, creating is a quite fulfilling thing. Another thing to do is play differently. If all you have ever played is, for instance, families that live happily ever after play a romance sim. If you have never been into University, build the college of your dreams. Try a historical game. I am playing the early release version of Aileen Landing and building a historical Oriental hood right now. Build your own hood, make a mesh, recolor, mod. So many other outlets are available in Sims. Unleash your inner creativity
Old 19th Mar 2018, 8:48 PM #9

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I get burnt out sometimes in prototype design and I go do something else to ease out of that burnt out feeling.

My mother was the type to at least dispense common sense ideas that you shouldn't force yourself when burnt out.

I sometimes play Pokemon to ease out of the burnt out feeling of other games.

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Old 26th Mar 2018, 1:08 AM #10
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I'm a really fast person. I always have to be doing something and I get bored easy. Today I literally walked out on a game of Monopoly because I got bored.

Why Sims really gets me is the challenges. Maybe you have tried challenges, but once you find one you really like then you'll play just for that. I literally have not gone past generation 1 and had the babies have babies EXCEPT in a Do It As You Go game save. I would sugest trying that. Maybe this will work for someone (It worked for me)
Old 27th Mar 2018, 4:23 AM #11
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The only true cure for Sims burn-out is playing/doing something else for a while. The last time I was burned out, I didn't play the sims for a good two years before I started again. They'll always be there when you're ready for them again.

You can also try different playstyles or challenges. I know a lot of people like making themed hoods for TS2. I've thought about it myself, actually, but I'm slow at progressing just one neighborhood; I don't need another one!

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