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Old 17th Nov 2018, 10:18 PM #7151
Mad Poster

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Thanks a lot, Peni! Giving away the spoilers! Now I really have to play the neighborhood!

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Old 17th Nov 2018, 10:22 PM #7152
Peni Griffin
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Hey, I didn't spoil it, Grammapat did! And I don't see how she could've asked her question without it.
Definitely give the neighborhoods a look. It's a fun little break.

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Old Yesterday, 3:56 PM #7153

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Me: Spies two single sims on a community lot that I think would be perfect for one another (even though they've never really interacted), and excitedly starts to plan out their home layout since their combined resources would afford them a decent size build with some very nice furnishings.
Single #1: *has zero chemistry with anyone* "No thank you. I enjoy being single and will remain that way until death."
Single #2: "Why settle down when I can shag all of the unfaithful sims in the neighborhood? Thanks ACR2."
Me: *cue AHS Dandy Mott style tantrum* "You ruined it!"

So I guess I'll just remodel their individual rental homes (on a budget) since my plans fell through.

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Old Yesterday, 4:51 PM #7154

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I hope my game hasn't broken. Just started it up to discover my camera mod somehow completely vanished. I put it back in and the game is loading again, but if that disappeared, I wonder if something else might have, too.

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Old Yesterday, 6:39 PM #7155
Mad Poster

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I wonder if this lot might actually hit $2M...

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