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Old 12th Jan 2018, 11:57 AM DefaultCatalog/Guide to see just the BASE GAME Sims 1 Objects, Floors & Walls? #1
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Hey guys!

First of all, apologies in advance if this seems kinda like... I don't know, maybe obivious? LOL! But I'm currently working on a sims 1 project for a friend and I wanted to build a few things that JUST used base game stuff, and I was just wondering if there is any sort of way to see JUST the base game objects, walls, floors etc etc.

I have the Sims 1 Complete Collection if that wasn't already obvious, plus I have literally searched the entire internet for this and nobody seems to have posted it or anything like that. So I just thought I'd go ahead and ask the experts here at Mod if there is anything I'm missing or any way to see or do this! Thanks guys SO much in advance!

Its always left as:

xoxo Aypera! <3

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