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Old 9th Dec 2017, 3:04 PM #651
Gargoyle Cat
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It is snowing. Not a lot, just flurries. It makes me want to move my desk in front of my office windows and watch it all day. This is not a option as I'm starting to feel better so I have to remove my slacker hat and get things done, starting with removing the layer of dust that has collected on my keyboard. Ewww! From there, I get to clean everything else and the 40 gallon will finally get its water change that should have happened on Wednesday. 10 gallon is all set as I forced myself to get that tank done yesterday.

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In my game, which I had time for, I had a chance to level up the Imahara sextuplets and I am almost done.

But as I was in the bathroom, I heard my mother get excited because it was snowing. After using the toilet, I saw the snow gently fall from my privacy window.

I also saw various cats in photo wreck Nativity scenes of all sizes. From shoving Jesus out of bed to hiding among the Magi to shoving the family, animals and guests out of small scale ones to even hiding among the animals in the manger...they didn't understand our concept or maybe they didn't care.

Our cat Gemini attacks tiny Dickensian villages around this time of year. Egregious, yes, but cats never cared for such formalities.

(Being from Dad's Catholic family, any cats living at the old house were hunters who never slept. Besides, dogs were in charge)

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