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Old 24th Feb 2019, 5:56 AM #26
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@attuned I love the main area wood flooring and wall color coordination. It makes it feel more like a converted barn. The other connected buildings look OK to me. There are only two suggestions I might make. 1 add a buydebug light effect to circular stairway since I believe your sims can travel through it and I know a regular light would prohibit travel. 2 Like you know how Smoky the Bear says in public service announcements "Only you can prevent forest fires"- well the same sort of applies to piss puddles in the Sims so make sure that space is wide enough for a sim to pass through(It probably is just make sure).
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@SimmyRN I reworked that roof a bunch, I still don't know what to do with it. You know when you get to the point when you have worked and reworked something so much, you don't know what you like anymore? It might be time to call this project done.
Yes, the idea was to have all the easels around a center focus something, but I didn't like it. I tried a chair (for a model), a table, and a statue. Also, each of the easels has a different picture started, so that was weird too. Finally I added another easel. I'll have another go at it. Thank you!

@fascisthater I will check the invisible lights, but frankly, the stairs are not so lovely, and since sims don't need the light, I wasn't dying to have the area lit. As for the restroom being blocked, it isn't but it is tight. I completely missed that when I added that screen, so it is gone now. Thank you!

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