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Old 24th Feb 2017, 6:28 PM DefaultIrritating door issue #1
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So I'm building a world and when it comes to certain doors my sims cannot go through them. I get the route failing popup and in order to fix this I have to go into build mode click on the door move it out of the place it is at than put it back in it's place. Than my sims can go through the door just fine. What makes this irritating is that I'll never know what doors will receive this glitch. Some of them have been exterior doors and one of them is an interior door. The interior door is for an apartment. When I go to fix the doors I ensure the moveObjects is off to make sure that I could originally place the door. Which hasn't been an issue. Finally it hasn't been an issue with one particular door but multiple doors, as well as single and double doors. I'd be grateful for any help.
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This is a well known issue. You might find some help in the create/sims3/create a world forum.

Edit: I remember reading something in one of the threads about some solution, but I can't remember anything more. I'm on phone so searching and linking is such big job.
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Ya I wasn't sure which section to put this in, since it's within the buildings at the same time its with a custom world.
Not to worry, as long as I know there is an answer somewhere I can dig for it. Glad to know it is an issue others have gotten, I mostly get the issues nobody has heard of.
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So I solved the issue with help over on the caw form, but if someone finds this post here are the solutions. Thanks to Volvenom and SimmyRN

So just to re-iterate if someone stumbles upon this

If the tips bellow don't work also make sure

If you use the hidden room markers, instead paint those areas with black floors and black walls. For some bizarre reason some community lots don't like these Note I haven't tested tombs.

Make sure there are no rugs right in front of the door. Leave at least one tile of space.

Also check out these links


Originally Posted by Volvenom
I don't see it much in my buildings. After reading this thread I wonder if my buildings has less issues as a hole because they are less cluttered. I'm a minimalist, less is more for me.

Custom rabbit holes using rabbit hole rugs
Make sure nothing is with in four tiles on all sides of the rug. As well as diagonally too.

Originally Posted by SimmyRN
I don't know if this is the situation in the world where you are having the problem, but I encountered this when I first started making Late Night style apartments. As mentioned the hidden / public room markers can be problems if the "divider" to the room is made from something the sim can walk through. For example, if the monorail (low) fence is used to edge a roof and a hidden room marker placed on the roof, it will cause routing problems because the game does not consider that a true "divider" and the entire outside becomes a hidden room. The divider must be something the sim cannot walk through - hedge / fence / wall, etc. Another problem occurs with apartments on foundations - the public / hidden room markers must be on every level to be recognized by the game. A place marked as public that the sims cannot access also causes problems. If it is apartments where you are having the problem, you may want to use the "restrictbuildbuyinbuildings false" cheat/code to look at the room markers. Maybe this will help ...

To add if you have a slopped *sloped*? Driveway in your apartment like me and you use the hidden marker to hide the inside of the foundation, place the hidden marker on a level part of the ground inside the foundation.

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