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Old 20th Dec 2015, 5:50 AM Default[WIP] Teen Hire for Retail #1
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This modification SHOULD allow for teens to show up along with adults in the employees for hire list for retail stores.
Requires: Get to Work

This is an EXPERIMENTAL modification. Please backup important saves accordingly. DO NOT use with important saves or sims.
Methodology: Switched a household template from Adult to Teen since it was being used in a filter. I am positive there is a better method. But this is what I am going with for now.
Advice from experienced modders welcome.

Feedback requested: Are you experiencing problems with NPC Generating mechanics? Are teens showing up in your employment lists? Are they functioning properly when hired?
Does this mod already exist? (will remove if redundant)

This mod lets you hire the teen. But so far they do not actually show up for work and they revert back to unemployed.

XML Modified:
<I c="TunableSimFilter" i="sim_filter" m="filters.tunable" n="filter_Retail_PotentialEmployees" s="109246">
<I c="TunableSimFilter" i="sim_filter" m="filters.tunable" n="filter_Retail_PotentialEmployees_Repurpose" s="111938">
<I c="HouseholdTemplate" i="sim_template" m="filters.household_template" n="HH_template_NPC_adult_single" s="98542">
This household template has been modified from Adult Single to Teen. This will effect NPC Generating mechanics.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: 7z Lodakai Teen Hire.7z (1.6 KB, 32 downloads) - View custom content

When an engineer says that something can't be done, it's a code phrase that means it's not fun to do.
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Old 29th Apr 2019, 3:24 PM #2
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Thanks for your post of how you editing the XML.
I was working on a mod which is hire teen for restaurant, and I figured out why they didn't show up for work.
Because "filter_RetailEmployees" is a filter for another XML "situationJob_Retail_Employee", and "filter_RetailEmployees" also filter age of employees.

XML need to modify:
Name: filter_RetailEmployees
Tuning Id: 109245

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