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Old Yesterday, 12:06 AM DefaultTS4 MorphMaker - new interactive bone morph editor - testers wanted #1
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I started out with adding bone delta / bone pose / bone-based morphs to the TS4 MorphMaker preview because I wanted eventually to be able to duplicate individual sims from their slider data. That turned into making an interactive bone delta editor. The fun part was weeks of trying to understand the mysteries of quaternions and transformation matrices and how to apply them to bone morphs without getting some very disturbing distortions. Since it seems to be working at last I thought I'd put it out here - it's interesting to play with and hopefully you'll report problems/suggestions.

The beta is attached, extract the files and run TS4MorphMaker.exe. Choose the rig you want, depending on whether you're doing a morph for adult humans, etc. Import an existing bone delta/pose file or start a new one. The New Bone/Slot button adds a new adjustment and you have to pick the bone you want from the dropdown. IMO leaving the adjustments set to use global coordinates is easiest since x, y, and z mean what you think they mean, but you can switch to local to see how the rig rotations affect them. If you enter rotations keep in mind that the x, y, z are rotations AROUND the x, y, and z axes. The preview model will show your adjustments as you make them.

I haven't had problems testing the face bone morphs in-game but bone morphs affecting the body may result in disappearing body parts in some sims. I don't know why that happens.

Please report bugs and whatever problems you find! Thanks.
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Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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