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Old 31st Dec 2018, 2:54 PM DefaultBoarding School Challenge #1
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Hi, this is my first challenge, but after playing it myself on a whim, I thought I just had to share it so others can have a chance to play, too.

I call this the Boarding School Challenge, adapted off of a challenge I used to play, The "Educate 'Em" Boarding School Challenge by aishah2195. That challenge is really good, and I have to say much more challenging than this one. The goal of this challenge is to educate all 7 children to complete all 4 child aspirations before they age up.


To start with the basics, you're gonna need a big house. I downloaded one off the gallery, I think it was called Newcrest Boarding School or something similar, it's beautiful. I changed a few things from that house to fit the challenge. Feel free to use money cheats, I did and I think it makes it easier because we aren't really focusing on money here, just skills.

What you will need is:
  • Dormitories for the students
  • Large Communal Bathrooms
  • Dormitory for the teacher
  • Classrooms focusing on the different child skills
  • A library
  • A kitchen
  • A large dining room with space for all of the sims
  • A library with computers (optional, I find it helps)
  • Outdoor areas or any other activities for students to do on break times

These are what I found to be best, and another note for the setup of the school, you should lock the door to enter the house so the students cannot go to school. This is their school, after all. I placed the lot on the island in Windenburg, but it can be in any world. Make any other adjustments to the school as you see fit, feel free to customize it as you see fit.

You can then create your students and teacher. There are not many requirements for these, customize as you wish.

The teacher shall be a young adult, adult, or elder. They can be any gender and have any traits or aspirations. Outfit does not matter, I made mine wear professional clothing.

For the students, you shall have 7 children, and they can be all one gender or mixed genders. Their traits do not matter, and aspiration will be changed throughout the challenge so it does not matter, either. I think it would be cool to have a school uniform, I simply did not put in the time. My idea is that these are the children of the wealthy families of the Sims world, and their parents have made them come to this school.


When you first start your game, I recommend taking the first day to let everyone get settled and socialize as it is only half a day and you will not be able to do a full day of activities. For any free time, turn free will on, but it should be off when students are in class time.

Now you should decide how you will handle the aspirations for the children. The goal of this is to master them all, so there are multiple ways to go about this. What I attempted first was having all the students focus on one aspiration at the same time, which is easier to manage them all. This way works fine, but I found it difficult to manage when the students needed an adult assistance to complete a task and there was only one so several students were stuck. What I have settled on is having students assigned aspirations to focus on based on their needs for each day. It seems to be working fairly well.

For example:
If a student has low fun, I will assign them to creativity or motor for the day, as they will get their fun up that way. If they have low social need, they will work on the social aspiration.

I try to make sure for each aspiration there are enough students assigned for each day, especially with social so two children can socialize to complete the goals instead of disturbing other students in their work.

As you know, there are four aspirations for children in the sims 4, focusing on the 4 child skills. They focus on Motor skill, Creativity skill, Social skill, and Mental skill.

The schedule for each week day I traditionally follow goes as this, but you can change it to fit your play style:

4:00 - Teacher wakes up to cook a party size meal, it usually takes until 5 for mine to get to the kitchen because of the huge house. Students will usually wake up while she is cooking so I will make sure to address their bathroom and hygiene needs during this time.
6:00 - Students must be awake and eat breakfast in the dining room. I find it best to lock the kitchen for students so they don't get their own meals. Students can chat during meals if they need social.
8:00 - All students should have their aspirations assigned and be working on assigned tasks for their current goals. This will vary based on the current aspiration goals. Teacher will go and do what is needed, or whatever you want them to do. I often have the teacher make dinner during the day and put it in the fridge to save for later.
1:00 - Here I will usually check all the students needs and address anything like hygiene or bathroom before putting students back to work.
4:00 - Teacher should start making dinner about now if you haven't already.
5:00 - Dinner time. Students should be called to eat in the dining room and should stop any other activities. Now turn free will on, they have free time until bedtime. Feel free to control them to address any needs so it won't be a problem for the next day.
11:00 - Students and teacher should be in bed by 11, I try to start getting them to go to their rooms at 10 because my school is so big it takes forever for them to get anywhere.

Note: I have recently discovered that the mental aspiration requires students to get an A in school. I recommend trying to complete this aspiration first so the grades are not as low when you attempt to increase their performance to an A. These students will simply have to follow the normal schedule and go to school during the day, coming home and working on aspirations afterwards.

As for weekends, you can follow the same schedule above (the grind never stops), but what I like to do is go on outings, especially for the social aspiration where students need to make adult friends and meet many new people. I take students to various parks and libraries almost like a field trip and give them all the social aspiration and have them meet lots of new people. Free will should be on for these outings, as it is the weekend. Make sure to still take care of needs, however, as unhappy students will lead to unproductive weekdays. Another fun idea is to let students have free will in the school and see what they get up to, what friendships form among them.

For the students, you should not cheat needs. But for the teacher you may cheat their needs as you like. I found that the teacher often is needed to help fulfill the child's aspirations so it just makes it a lot easier if they don't need to run all the way across the house to use the bathroom for an hour and force the children to wait. In addition, they must be a superhero to take care of 7 kids all on their own.


When the students finish all the aspirations and age up, you win. A long lifespan may be required, I'm not sure yet. I think I will have a school party at the end to celebrate the student's achievements. You can do this and have the students move out to their own lives, or you could continue as teens. If you continue their boarding school education as teens you will most likely need to adjust the rooms and choose what aspirations or skills the teenage students must master to graduate, as all of them simply wouldn't be feasible.

I hope you enjoy my challenge, if you do it I would love to see pictures or read your stories.
Any questions just ask, I would be happy to clarify.
But most of all, just adapt my simple idea to what you want and have fun with it.
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