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Old 23rd Sep 2017, 12:53 AM DefaultSims getting random Tense moodlets #1
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I'm pretty sure this has to do with mods, but my Sims will get random trait-oriented moodlets, even though they don't have that trait.
f.e. my Sim that has the Jealous trait will get random "Feeling Trapped" moodlets. These are only caused by having the Noncommittal trait. But he doesn't have that trait. Neither do my other Sims that keep getting moodlets like that. They always seem to be Tense moodlets, and because of this my Sims are almost constantly Tense.
I have the following mods installed that have to do with traits:
-More Traits Mod Updated for toddlers patch version 4 by chingyu1023
-AD(H)D trait by FiendMods
-Photographer trait by simshout
-Born Chef trait by savass
-Sportsfreak trait by Viktor86
Thanks for any help you can provide.

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