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Old 5th Sep 2017, 3:16 PM DefaultRelationship Glitch #1
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My sims are married and do not have the same relationship.
Quick rundown:
Sim A is my only played sim
Sim A becomes friends then enemies with Sim B
Sim A rebuilds relationship with Sim B (friendship and love meters full)
They marry, and I take control of Sim B
While Sim A's relationship meters are both full with Sim B, Sim B's relationship displays half a red friendship meter and a very tiny amount of the 'love' meter with Sim A.

(It's odd, Sim B displays the common relationship building actions like 'find common ground' etc, but it's stupid because they're married and Sim A will not reject regardless lol. Sim A
is over it as far as I'm concered.)

Just wondering if anyone has experienced this problem. I've had a few glitches in my game since I installed new mods and cc, but they never bothered me as much as
they could all be fixed with a reloading of the lot or just a wait out. I've used the mod conflict detector by DmitryMalfatto and I see some of my clothing cc conflicts and some other
mods that I have conflict with one another. How can I fix this problem with removing the least amount of cc as possible?

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