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Old 1st Mar 2018, 10:00 AM #1
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Née whiterider

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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
OxanaKSimsIn Green NoCC (Residential)
TuxxedoCatBetter Townie Naming (1000+ Different Names) (Config Mods)
SparkySays6 Blue Dog Paintings by George Rodrigue (Decorative)
NatashaEllenxZodiac Traits! (Miscellaneous)
kawaiistacieThe Singer Trait (Updated!!) (Miscellaneous)
omgloToddler Peek-A-Boo Interaction (Global Mods)
rachaelisbatmanPondering Ponds - 3bd 1.5ba (No CC) (Residential)
richrushThe Summer Home (no CC 1 bedroom 1 bathroom) (Residential)
AshKetchum99Alton House - 1br 1ba (Residential)
GaybieMotive Recolors for Mermaids and Vampires~ (Overrides)
ChloeTheNinjaextreme introvert trait in CAS (Miscellaneous)
Sims_LoverSims 4 Political Party Traits (Updated Both Democrat and Republican traits!) (Miscellaneous)
BrazenLotusSet It and Forget It Functional Garden Sprinkler (Hobbies)
moddymelNo watering trees (Overrides)
KingTreThe Sims Supply Sims 1 Lets Play Modern Home in Sims 3 (NO CC) (Residential)
KymmaiSimsRedland's Castle (Residential)
NoteCatUltra Modern Tiny House (Residential)
GoBananasBrave Trait (Miscellaneous)
GraveMan2193 GREEN ave (Residential)
Robert J. F. Calais"Miramontes - 4+BR 4BA" rearranged modernized and furnished no CC (Residential)
catdennyThe Paris Opera House (Residential)
katnisssullenSayori's Uniform from Doki Doki Literature Club (Everyday)
sadxsatanBloody Pinky Makeup (Makeup)
Wicked Old WitchCutie Pie Underclothes (Everyday)
tunafishfishLittle Cemetery (Community)
ozono96romantic fireplace of the sims 4 city living (Miscellaneous)
GrasbDiscord Sweater (Everyday)
noodlesootheLil' Blue Starter Home [Under 10K | Unfurnished | No CC] (Residential)
NolayWINGS-OS0214 Retexture (Male)
horse14tAgro - Shadow of the Colossus (Animals)
RainbroLaser Rhythm-a-con Star Challenge Fix (Overrides)
IGYPickleRixMyBev Cart - Functional Globe Bar (Hobbies)
fabulousfabulousHistorian Trait (Miscellaneous)
carolina_xoxoEzra (Other)
bouncingsoulsVintage Maps and Manuscript Paintings (Decorative)
RosebineSmall Round Empire Window FIX (Global Mods)
Valentina Karlova30 non default colors for cat's eyes (Genetics)
Nerdygirl01New Age Glamour hairs 1-3 (Female)
FizzybrattLisbon Collection (Glasses & Other Accessories)
nezzie_Playful buff from eating UFO fruit (Overrides)
ArriannarereDentist Career (Careers)
PurpleThistlesTreasure Hunter Custom Trait (Miscellaneous)
Chrighton17Cliffside Breezehome (Residential)
MiaBehind You Animation (Poses and Animations)

Old 1st Mar 2018, 10:46 AM #2
strange quark

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Well done everyone! Nice to see new creators for Sims 2, 3 & 4 yet again.

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Old 6th Mar 2018, 5:25 AM #3
Field Researcher

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Thanks for including me in this!!!!!

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