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Old 27th Jun 2017, 12:14 AM DefaultCan some sims 2 mods work on sims 3? #1
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Test Subject

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It's a silly question, but ... can the mods like the hair of the Sims 2 work in sims 3?
I have some hair styles that I like a lot and I would like to know if they would work properly in the sims3
Thanks for read,and sorry for my bad english! :p
Old 27th Jun 2017, 1:14 AM #2
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No, not at all.

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Old 27th Jun 2017, 5:38 AM #3
Test Subject

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As they are, no.
In theory, I believe you can rip the models and convert them to formats TS3 can read, but that will take a lot of work. If it's from TS2, there's a possibility someone has already done the conversion you are interested in, so I suggest searching sites like this first
That said, I've never played TS2 (played TS1 as a kid, then got back into Sims in college), so I never had the motivation to learn any of the technicalities of the 2 to 3 conversion process (and I may yet be wrong on the possibility - I could swear I've seen many object and some clothes conversions, but I don't think I've seen hair...).
Additionally, because of how the TS3 sim models work, you would have to go in and fiddle with the mesh and UV map to ensure that the clothing/ hair works in game - fits on the model and animates properly. That is to say, it's not exactly a matter of simply finding the right software to run a conversion. It's a pain, but if you're willing to do it, go for it!

If at any time you're curious about the compatibility of coding/ scripting mods however, then the answer would be a solid no...

Also, your English is fine. No worries
Old 27th Jun 2017, 2:47 PM #4
Ghost sdoj
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Yes, it is possible to convert objects, clothing, and hair between Sims 2, Sims 3, and Sims 4. There are numerous tutorials on how to do that, although it does involve being able to work with a meshing program, and possibly a graphics editing program.

But despite them all being .package files, the internal coding is different. It's like trying to put a PC Skyrim disc into an X-Box and expecting to play a game of Skyrim.

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