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Old 11th Jun 2017, 9:43 PM DefaultJoint problems on a new mesh #1
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I've been working on something new lately and I ran into an issue I don't remember seeing before. I'm sure it has been encountered by someone else before but I'm unable to find information about it.

I've made a mesh containing 2 mesh groups and cloned base game police outfit with TSRW as it seems to contain 2 mesh groups. I've used MeshTool to assign bones and they seem to look fine in MS3D but once in game my Sims have broken arms and legs. I don't know what is causing this as it seems that only certain joints are affected - those around elbows and knees, wrists and fingers that have name "twist" to them.

Has anyone encountered this? I'd like to know if it's possible to fix this.
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