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Old 9th Oct 2017, 7:38 PM DefaultCan't find meshes for Generations Imaginary Friend cookies #1
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Hi all! I'm trying to clone the Imaginary Friend cookies and make them edible as dry food (like in World Adventures), but I can't find any meshes for them!
All I can find is these: _IMG, _RIG, FTPT and LITE.
And these are the cookies: foodEatCookieRainbow (sometimes appears as foodEatCookieRainbo), foodEatCupcake, foodEatCookieSpaceship (or foodEatCookieSpaces), foodEatDonut

Anyone have any idea where those meshes might be hiding, or how it would be possible to clone/obtain those resources?

Edit: oh, and I guess OBJD too, to edit categories and such. And OBJK, to edit scripts

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Old 12th Oct 2017, 8:41 PM #2
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Knowing EA, they probably reused existing meshes. I looked pretty much everywhere although to be really honest I've never seen those cookies in-game before! But it might be worth checking out whether they have any shared links which... you need the OBJD for or the VXPY which I can't seem to find either! I guess I should go in game and see if they actually share a mesh rather than have their own

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