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Old 30th Nov 2017, 12:52 PM #276

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Originally Posted by AndrewGloria
The mod object looks like the same one as Chris used in his recent Lot Cleaner. As selecting the latter can have a drastic effect if used in an occupied lot, if you have both, it's probably better to remove the Lot Cleaner when you're not using it.

If I removed it from my game, I'd forget that I took it out and would lose it somewhere. I keep all my object mods in a collection folder. I edited the collection so that the TurnOn/TurnOff Editor is at the front of the list.. I moved the Lot Cleaner to the very end where I'm not likely to see it or click it by accident.
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The site is down now. Maybe it can still be available in the waybackmachine?

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Can someone please upload the workplaces mod? Or direct me to where I could find it.bbWould really love to try that. Thanks in advance
Old 11th Dec 2017, 3:14 PM #279
Chris Hatch
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See Post #112

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