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Old 20th Jul 2018, 9:27 PM #7851
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Originally Posted by Craft90
I did try a flirty interaction (heat of the moment kiss) while under pink aura but the other Sim still thought my Sim was creepy. I do remember the lights attracting zombie tho. I used it for that purpose once (God I hate those zombie spawns... one of my Sim even got turned when I wasn't looking. It doesn't make sense for zombies to spawn EVERYWHERE. At least it's temporary unlike Sims 2...).

If you want to disable zombies completely, there's always the Retuner .

Hey- if you said something to me in a post and I didn't write back, I'm sorry. Sometimes I don't feel good enough to post and by the time I'm able to the thread's old enough that I feel kind of weird about bumping it just to post one or two sentences. So please don't take it personally! :)
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Don Babilon
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The mood lamp also changes the skin colour of Sims temporarily, like the jellybeans, and it can cure zombies.
Old Yesterday, 5:36 AM #7853
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LOL, well at least my curiosity is finally satisfied about Don Babilon. Once I get my computer back I'll have to set him loose in one of my saves and see what happens :D

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Old Yesterday, 5:52 AM #7854
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Originally Posted by Ghost sdoj
I suppose that having more room to sprawl around in before you discover that you've gone too far and are waking up halfway to the floor is automatically considered more comfortable, even for those who cannot fall out of the bed?

But as low as 4 for the more expensive ones, even in sets where the double goes as high as 10?
Old Yesterday, 3:11 PM #7855
Ghost sdoj
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Yeah, that's where the theory breaks down. Unless the one responsible for setting the bed comfort stats has just fallen out of bed and broken something...
There are also double beds which are as expensive as the beds in the catalog next to them which have comfort levels somewhere around 6 when the nearby beds have comfort levels of 10, so it's not (entirely) a matter of making sure that the more expensive beds are more comfortable. And one really nice single bed that came with one of the EPs I actually have and gets used rather often with the transmogrifier to give its script to the bed I actually wanted in the room.

I am Ghost. My husband is sidneydoj. I post, he downloads, and I wanted to keep my post count.
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Old Yesterday, 3:19 PM #7856
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If I want inactive sims to visit my edited World of Wonder lot and the lot I placed roller coaster set from store on more, should I set it to hangout, big park or recreation park? Or maybe something entirely different?
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Old Today, 3:13 AM #7857
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Is there a reason when adding sims to a family tree, they have to be added in a specific order?

Today I added ghosts to my game. I had to add siblings before I could add parents as otherwise the option to add siblings would disappear. If a sim already had parents in the family tree, I had to delete them, add the sibling or siblings, then add the parent (s) back in.

I managed to do what I needed to, but it took for what felt like forever and seemed harder than it should have been. Or maybe I'm just a total dingus and completely missed the easier way of doing things which is very much a possibility.

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