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Old 3rd Jul 2016, 6:38 PM DefaultTUTORIEL How to make your AnyGameStarter game compatible with Angel & Nurses unofficial EP from BAS #1
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How to make your AnyGameStarter game compatible with
Angel & Nurses unofficial EP from BAS

By Anko

Overview : A way to combine the features of AGS and A&N : you can have a medieval only download folder AND you won’t be stuck to maxis Eps features.

Required Knowledge : If you don’t know how to use either AnyGameStarter or Angel & Nurses, you don’t need this tutorial. Moreover, I won’t explain how to back up your files. Everything else will be clear, as long as you can read.

WARNING : This tutorial has been tested by me (who is much more of a creator than a tester) and by another player that was willing to test it. I have just noted that the loading of each function (catalog too) of each A games is very long the first time… However, if you get any bugs, just tell me to see if I can solve them.

I. Prepare yourself
  1. Back up your AGS file or create a completely new AGS
  2. Open and save a notepad file (or take a piece of paper …)
  3. Identify the number of your anygame (must be 1, 2 or 3) ; If you don’t have memory, write it down in your Notepad file …
  4. Open the AppFiles folder in the AnyGameStarter folder
  5. Create a folder “AGS_Orignal Files”
  6. Copy this 2 files in that folder as a back up (you must replace X with the number in step 3 to find the right files)

II. Identify the A&N and Maxis files names
If you’re not very at ease with that step, just pass to the next step. But if your files don’t match mine (and it might be as I’m French), it won’t work and it might bork your game…
1. Open EAGAMES program files
2. Copy the name of the A&N folder in notepad (it might be : [color=#8000FF]The Sims 2 Angel and Nurses Stuff[/color])
3. Open that folder and the TSBin folder
4. Copy the name of the .exe file in notepad (it might be : [color=#FF00FF]Sims2AnN[/color])
5. Go back to EAGAMES program files
6. Copy the name of your maxis last EP folder or the one that you selected last when creating your AGS in notepad (it might be : [color=#00BF00]The Sims 2 Apartment Life[/color]). WARNING : you better translate it in english on your Notepad because AGS files use English words (go see on the web)
7. Open that folder and the TSBin folder
8. Copy the name of the .exe file in notepad (it might be : [color=#004000]Sims2EP8[/color])
9. Close your EAGAMES program files, you don’t need it anymore
10. Right click on the Start_AnyGameX.bat ‘Modify’
11. Go down and find your last EP => I don’t have Mansion & Garden, so for me the 2 lines are “[color=#FF4000]REM *** APARTMENT LIFE ***[/color]” and “[color=#FF4000]CD /D C:\PROGRA~2\EAGAME~1\LEE526~1\TSData\Res[/color]”
12. Copy the name of the file => as I’m French, for me, it’s [color=#BF0000]LEE526~1[/color] (I don’t know if it’s the same for you, foreign people…)
13. Close the .bat file without saving
If the names in color doesn’t match yours, you’ll have to replace the colored words in the next steps of this tutorial by yours ([color=#8000FF]Purple[/color], [color=#FF00FF]Pink[/color], [color=#00BF00]green[/color], [color=#004000]gree[/color]n and [color=#BF0000]Red[/color]).

III. Edit the .reg file
1. Right click on Sims2_AnyGameX.reg ‘Modify’
2. Replace some words, one time each :
• Sims2EP8.exe > [color=#FF00FF]Sims2AnN[/color].exe
• [color=#00BF00]The Sims 2 Apartment Life[/color] > [color=#8000FF]The Sims 2 Angel and Nurses Stuff[/color]
3. Save and close

IV. Edit the .bat file
1. Right click on the Start_AnyGameX.bat ‘Modify’
TIPS : You can use the search engine for the next step => press ctrl and F, paste the original words to replace ([color=#BF0000]Red[/color] first, then [color=#004000]green[/color]) in the window, then click enter. Each time you click enter, the right text will be selected and you’ll just have to replace it.

2. Replace some words, 12 times for me :
• [color=#BF0000]LEE526~1[/color] > [color=#8000FF]The Sims 2 Angel and Nurses Stuff[/color]
3. Replace some words, 1 time :
• [color=#004000]Sims2EP8[/color].exe > [color=#FF00FF]Sims2AnN[/color].exe
4. Save and close

V. Duplicate your shortcut (optional and more difficult step)
This step isn’t mandatory.
The purpose is to keep a shortcut to open the game without A&N, but you’ll certainly have weird results, in the same way you already do when using the original maxis shortcut, instead of the A&N shortcut. You might need this for testing only.
If you don’t want to keep it, just skip this whole step V.
1. Change the name of the two files .bat and .reg that you have modified => ex : Start_AnyGameXAnN.bat (keep the original number in X for easiest reference)
2. Copy those new names in your notepad
3. Copy the 2 original files in the back up folder you have created and paste in the Appfiles folder
4. Right click on your AGS shortcut in the desktop “copy”
5. Right click “Paste a shortcut” and rename it => ex : AnyGameX MedievalLand A&N (keep the original number in X for easiest reference)
6. Right click on your new shortcut “property”
7. Change the “cible” or “target” (I don’t know the name in English) by pasting the name of your new .bat file in place of the old one
8. You can do that for the bodyshop shortcut too. Just go back to step 4.
9. Open the Appfiles folder
10. Right click on your new .bat file “modify”
11. Replace the old .reg file name with the new one in the line “[color=#FF4000]SET REGFILE[/color]”
12. Save and close

VI. Customize your shortcut (optional easy step)
1. Open the icon folder of the AppFiles folder
2. Add your new icon in (this step is not mandatory because there is already a lot of icons in there, you can go directly to step VI. 3.)
3. Copy the icon name that you want in Notepad
4. Right click on your new shortcut “property” (on your desktop)
5. Click “Change Icon” button
6. Change the name of the icon directly in the text (copy and paste the name in order to replace the old one)
7. Click the new icon that has appeared
8. Click ok, then apply, then ok

Some pictures to help :



VII. Test the game
1. Double click on the shortcut
2. If it doesn’t work, replace the 2 modified files by a copy of the 2 original files you had saved. If you had completed step V, just suppress the renamed files and the copied shortcuts. Then, restart from the beginning.

Now, it’s done : you can go on a medieval hood that have all the features in A&N. However, you need more default replacements now ! You can get hiders at Bas : http://backalleysims.com/adultsite/...rsion-Oct-2015)

N.B : Remember that A&N conflicts with a lot of mods. Moreover, you can have only one UI title for all of your games that use A&N : either the “Angel and Nurses” or the medieval one you had that you must put in the A&N EAGAMES program folder, as you already know.

There’s a way to do this tutorial for T&A too, but it’s a little more difficult. I will give it to you later at Sexysims.

I believe in the "Thanks" button and its amazing powers !!!
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