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Beach bum Rocky Langstone lost his job at the Doo Peas business centre. For once it wasn't anything to do with him being as much use as a canoe in the Sahara desert. The higher ups wanted somebody to blame for some bad decision making and Rocky agreed to take the fall in return for 7000 simoleons hush money. He hated that job anyway, and getting paid for doing absolutely nothing was an idea very close to his heart.

But give give rocky money and he's bound to find something stupid to spend it on...

If rocky had any mechanical aptitude at all this old wreck might seem like a good investment at 350 simoleons. He could fix it up and sell it for a nice profit, or have himself a fancy set of wheels to impress all the ladies with. But hey, this is Rocky we are talking about, so who knows. He might just decide it's all a little too much like hard work and forget the whole thing.

At least the stereo works.

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Tiny Italy, rebuilds of lots by jeanpass. Hope the routing works.
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