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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
RosawynSo Much to Celebrate! 14 Hanukkah and 7 Kwanzaa Cards for MogHughson's Postal System (Hobbies)
lilyjosephineMiner's Cove - Sims 3 Post-apocalyptic World (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
EzzieValentineHana Wedding Venue (Community)
NiesCooler Sicknesses Mod (v.2.0) (Overrides)
DalekoSleepless Trait (Miscellaneous)
SynathoraNyaokami - A Japanese inspired house (Residential)
sntheSlower Motive Decay (Overrides)
Rachael3807The Red Keep (Residential)
NyxFairies Mod V1.5 (Miscellaneous)
MerelhynNewport Elegance - No CC (Residential)
KokiiitoHispaniola 374 - Residential 40x30 - NO CC (Residential)
aceposseHigher Cost Aspiration Rewards from Store (based on Shimrod101's Cheaper rewards) (Miscellaneous)
Jade&MaeTechnophobe Trait (Miscellaneous)
CuteCuteSimChildThe Sims 4 Voices: Effects (Miscellaneous)
ArtilitsxDark Eye Circles (Makeup)
killergoonie100% cloning machine chance plus instant adding to inventory (Overrides)
KerriganSailaSims 4 Shopaholic Trait (Miscellaneous)
ElddieEdits of Lyran's Eyes: Now GENETICIZED and TOWNIEFIED (Eyes)
Mad.Tama3 Realistic Sparkling Eyes Sets (Eyes)
TheKalinoBig Antlers (Accessories)
SubobSpoonie / Chronic Illness Custom Trait (Miscellaneous)
meleahHistorical Portraits (Decorative)
SubmarineSimsSpiritual Trait by SubmarineSims v 1.2 (Miscellaneous)
Karazhan87Tense Sense - Custom Trait (Available for Teens and older) (Miscellaneous)
train_nerd24210 Wright Way (Residential)
MeCoinpurseSlower Relationship Progression (Miscellaneous)
SkellingtonCapricorn Trait (Miscellaneous)
Athena ApollosFunctional Parenthood Hamper (Appliances)
piqiwiMore Townie Sims Visit Community Lot (+ Business Lot's Customer) (Global Mods)
jeka555Tight Untucked Ralp Lauren Polo Recolour (Everyday)
idiotequePursuit of Happiness Aspiration (Miscellaneous)
FoamimiWoohoo/TryforBaby Interaction Hider (Miscellaneous)
AniMimiBlack/White ballerina suit for adults! (Athletic)
OxanaKSimsBlueprint In Green (Residential)


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