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Playing my old Desiderata Valley save and both of my uni-sex University households just made a Greek House! I've never made a Greek House before so this was extremely new to me! This also might help me to get back into my old style of playing, I hope! Fun, yay! Finally! LOL :D
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I don't have as much time playing right now. But lately I managed to get a few things done. Stephen and Wanda Tinker had a third child, a son named Rhythm (Their children are now Melody, Harmony and Rhythm) and Gilbert Jacquet went to college and married Jimmy Phoenix.

I'm also wondering whether I have to make Melody a secondary Romance Sim, she gets like all the boyfriends and it seems like she wants to flirt with the girls too.

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Originally Posted by lordtyger9
@ yavannatw

I don't know if you want to use it {maybe you like your current set up after all}, but I like to use Inge Jones' ijDaysLeftShrubPets.package. When you click on it, this object tells you the Days Left of every sim & pet on the lot. You can find it on Simlogical.com some place, I don't recall right now what section it was in. Look for Days Left Shrub I think.

Thanks for the link but I like the uncertainty as in real life.
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Well, nothing in special, everything's pretty fine, the Sims in my Uberhood practically love each other. It has been peaceful lately.

(I challenge you to name all of the Sims you see in this pic but the ones who are obviously townies )
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Let's see Bianca Monty furthering the feud with Goneril Capp, Jessica Peterson, Patrica Wan, Mortimer Goth, and Trisha Traveler watching. (I'm not sure if that's Armando DeBateau's back and Nina Caliente in a different outfit.)
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I recognize Alice Whitt from Pet Stories on the far right. The redhead directly above the Needs panel appears to be Fiona Fortuna from Four Corners in Life Stories. The little boy running in front of Trisha Traveler is Xander Roth from Riverblossom Hills. The man in the suit on the right talking about sculpture to Alice Whitt looks like Johnnie Cullen from Bitville in Life Stories.
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You both got it right! :D
Now, I will tell ya what happened in my first rotation in the Pleasant family.

As for the Pleasants, since I set the day to Monday and not Thursday, Daniel’s affairs will last a bit longer. Mary-Sue got fired of her job anyway (she didn’t find out the truth about Daniel, unfortunately) and found a new one in the Law career, but now is kind of bummed out and has been in a bad mood every day.

As for Angela, she went to the prom with Dustin and their relationship has been going quite well, meanwhile Lilith just stood at home locking herself in her bedroom without even talking to Dirk. Also both of them have been getting mood swings and because of that Angela is actually wondering if she was meant to be with Dustin… or not. But when they won the “best dance award” at the prom, she knew she really was meant to be with him. They were a really cute couple, now if Daniel stopped trying to get Dustin away from her…

Lilith is a different case. The only thing is that she met a new guy at detention and they connected almost immediately. Heck, they even had 3 bolts! So yeah, Lilith, in the middle of those mood swings AND her period, she couldn’t control her hormones and went all the way on him. She’s planning to tell Dirk about it because she can’t handle the guilt at all. Not sure of what his reaction would be.

Cassandra is probably the only one that has noticed Mary-Sue has been down, so she took her for a ride in Downtown, where she thought that she would be able to cheer her up; and surprisingly it worked. She was pretty tired though, so she just slept on the floor as soon as she got home.

Back to Lilith, she had to attend Summer School the rest of the season because she failed with a D on her grades. Her dad, Daniel, couldn’t care less, but Mary-Sue, even with all the crisis she’s went through, she was still a strict mother. Angela had her whole Summer Vacation for herself because Dustin ALSO had to go to Summer School due to having bad grades and struggling with his job. So she did nothing than going shopping every day she could, or read a book or something. What a nerd.

Mary-Sue and Daniel have been enforcing their relationship (thanks ACR! I was too lazy to make them do romantic interactions) but Mary-Sue felt that something was wrong. She’s seeming suspicious of Daniel, since he’s never been like that with her in AGES. But maybe it’s her anxiety caused by her getting fired a few days ago.

But it’s actually not that, because Daniel has been having an affair with another Sim, and this time it was Marissa Cleveland! I’m actually surprised because she’s a Fortune Sim, not a Romance one, but eh, anyways. Daniel has been caught after and broke up with Mary-Sue. Mary-Sue moved with her parents and now both Angela and Lilith hate their dad. Now they agree on something, and they also are on good terms, since Lilith has been asking Angela for advice lately because Lilith has changed her mind and now wants to be a good child.

Daniel couldn’t care less about his daughters, now all he wanted is to go to Kaylynn and marry, but the thing is that he was just seeking comfort from her (because he got dumped AND he lost his job), and by that, it was actually woohooing and doing a lot of stuff. condom broke, damn Then, a few days after that, Kaylynn was pregnant.

And last thing, Angela got a job in the Intelligence career since both Kaylynn and Daniel were unemployed (and probably won’t struggle to get a job either) and Lilith started going steady with her new boyfriend Paul. :D
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