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Old 18th Apr 2018, 10:21 PM #26

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I delete groups and accessories each time I change my custom content, though as I typically change round multiple GBs and over 50% of my mod load each time (I like using my custom content in different combinations, as it helps keep my game fresh and not wonder "Maybe I'll use that file some day...", it's not surprising I need to do this.

I've never deleted thumbnails.
Old 19th Apr 2018, 2:32 AM #27
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@FranH Thank you for sharing that link that is a great find, I just had to test it out it work, and it stay at Zero. I have always clear the group cache other wise my game will not start up.

Also with my thumbnails I never let them go up to a thousand, I always check the amount, Body Shop, I only clear if I use that feature.
My Accessory cache always seem to stay at the same level of 6,254 ( I don't know why that is ) very rarely it go over that amount if so I clear it.
Now I never mess with the neighborhood files, I never do anything there. ( don't want to mess up my game ) I like this thread

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Old 19th Apr 2018, 3:44 AM #28
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I delete my cache files about twice a week (if I'm playing frequently) because my Sims 2 game is temperamental and won't start up unless they're deleted

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Old 20th Apr 2018, 10:45 PM #29
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Originally Posted by Peni Griffin
Delete the thumbnails and it'll make new, correct ones.

Are you talking about the pictures of clothes, or other catalog things? I always have LOTS of clothes where the picture LOOKS like a Maxis dress (for example) but if you click on it looks like the CC I downloaded, or if you click on it there is nothing there (no head or body).
No that's wrong, you can't delete clothes that way (unfortunately)

Old 20th Apr 2018, 11:07 PM #30
Peni Griffin
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The thumbnails are the pictures you see in CAS and when you buy stuff. If you have a lot of clothes that look like Maxis but are CC, you can delete the CASThumbnails from the Thumbnails subfolder of your Sims2 folder, and the game will regenerate new thumbnails that will look like what you will actually get.

If there's no body, or the Maxis outfit persists even when you put it on the sim, that's a problem in your downloads; either you don't have the right mesh, you've got something conflicting with the mesh (if, say, you defaulted an outfit and one of your CC outfits was a recolor of that outfit's mesh, the CC outfit may not work right with the default), or you don't have the right texture, or something of that sort.

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