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Old 11th Apr 2017, 7:24 PM Worthy of Protection [Sims 2 VO Series] VOICE ACTORS NEEDED #1
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----------------------- ABOUT THE PLOT -----------------------

There are times when you feel like people are following. When you believe just around the corner someone is waiting for you. You feel like someone is out to get you. Waiting for you to slip up and fall. But in the end it all seems like unnecessary worry. You wipe your brow and move on.

But what if it were all true.

Some people in the world are trained to help stop this. Those who are lucky have their own guardian angel without noticing it. Maybe they're a best friend, a lover, a teacher, but whoever they are they more than likely have protected you from the dangers that lurk out on the dark streets every night. They clear your passage. They keep you safe. You'll find that usually those who are in this kind of danger--those who need these special agents--are taught from a young age to not amount to much, to lie low, keep their head down while glancing over their shoulders.

Xavier was never a good listener.

Aki Amara just happens to have that job. Tasked with keeping the retired agent, Nova's, son safe from those dangers, she now has been moved with her researcher, and sister, Taliah, to watch over him, making sure everything was calm in his vicinity. All the while trying to keep discrete, trying not to be too obvious.. But when the girls arrive they find a college town filled to brim with bright personalities, beautiful people, and the scary edge of uncertainty, The group of friends their Xavier has found himself in seems safe enough, brimming with talent and intelligence which naturally exudes from the people within it--Teo, Kane, Jasper, Elise, Melissa. ....

But can you ever be really sure?

Aki and Taliah must clear every person in the vicinity to ensure their new client's safety. Nova knows for sure someone is out to get him, but have those who hunt him found out precisely who Xavier is yet? Who is this hunting and haunting person? What lengths do they plan to go to in order to get him? And...

...What exactly do they want with him?


Hi hi hi! Just thought I would drop this here (if it's allowed, I can't really figure out where this would belong specifically. Basically if it doesn't belong here I'm sorry! D: )! I'm in need of some beautiful and talented Voice Actors to participate in my Machinima ! As long as you have a mic that isn't on your laptop you're totally eligible for any one of the roles that match your voice! Feel free to drop me message in order to submit an audition privately, or you can publicly audition at CCC!

For all the line. information and a place to audition: click here!

Thanks for at least giving it a look, and if you'd like to keep an eye out for the first episode coming out later this year then that pretty cool too

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