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Old 13th Feb 2019, 7:17 AM DefaultSims 4 Sim's wont come into the buildings they stand outside #1
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I run Wicked Whims, Mc and basement drugs, a ton of mods around 2000 the problem start after the last few updates of wicked whims. I stay up to date on all I can. new version of Sims 4
When I go out to a bar or any other place the sims all stand outside on the sidewalk in groups and never come in maybe 3 or 4 sims come in. All commercial lots custom or ones from the original game. It really sucks sitting in a bar by yourself drinking. Any one have a clue how to fix it. I really don't want to start removing mod by mod.
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Welcome I see this is your first post.

You should in the future be more descriptive in the heading for your post. You need the right people to find your post, and the most informed forum dwellers might not bother.

Secondly you should post in the sims help subforum. You can find it at the top of this discussion forum.

Then to your question. Do you have any mods as in game changing mods, not cas or build items? Gamechanging mods are very often to blame if they are outdated or require exp, packs, or content you don't have. They can also have incompatibilities with other mods, if they change the same part of code in the game etc.

I think some people would like to know what patch level you're game is on. You can see that on the main page where you're exp are listed ... I think.

You can change the heading of your post by editing you first post in this thread.

Most important in the beginning though is your gamechanging mods, and patch level I would say.
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One of the causes for this annoyance is the game may give a newly arrived sim an autonomous push to interact with an object that is already in use, or filled to capacity, such as a hot tub. Sims then do tend to gather outside loitering and the game then neglects pushing them to do something else for quite a while - if ever again!

Place more ***relevant popular objects on the lot so that new arrivals have more chance of something to do when receiving that all-important push to get off the street and do something.

***Relevant objects - If, however, sims continue to stand outside even if there are plenty of available things to do, then check your mods if you have any. Or rethink the objects placed on a community venue. When sims are spawned to visit specific venues, they have to have the correct pushes to use stuff in their visitor role buffs. So if you packed out a venue with a million fun things to do, it's all worth nothing if the visiting sims do not have the role buffs to push using those objects. Yet another reason they'll stand around doing nothing.

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