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Old 16th Feb 2019, 5:39 PM DefaultImmortality Becomes You Challenge #1
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You've become strong over the years. The studying you've done, the long nights, short naps, and endless readings have finally led to something tangible. You, after so many years, have finally gained the knowledge of immortality as an alchemist. You realize that the only way to really become eternal is not vampirism, not any occult type, really, but to switch bodies with the youth of the world right before the end. By doing so, you will experience the world a million times over and never die! With this knowledge, you set out to test your theory, and possibly, live forever.

Achieve immortality until it becomes tedious (i.e. until all goals spoken of in the gameplay section are met).

  • You can make any Sim you wish with any appearance, any traits, and any aspiration. However, they must be of young adult age and you must keep in mind the following things:
    • you must complete the aspiration you've chosen and another before switching your body.
    • you have to find another suitable body to switch to, so don't make your first aspiration difficult, you'll want to give yourself enough time to get the hang of things.
    • you have to complete a few other things before switching your body as well.
    • you should only start out with one Sim, seeing as you can only control your target Sim and the current Sim you are playing as. (Explained in the gameplay section)
  • You can have any lot you wish, but you can only build with available starting funds, but don't worry, things will change.

Gameplay: The idea is that, as an alchemist, you've learned the secret to eternal life, which is to evade death. This is done by switching your soul from body to body right before you die as an Elder and changing to the body of a child. Now, to do that, you must start with a Young Adult Sim. This Sim will be your CS, or current Sim. You must complete the following goals while searching for your TS or the target Sim, of which you must have to switch bodies with.

The CS must complete 2 aspirations that cannot be repeated. If John Smith chose Freelance Botanist and Friend of the Animals, those aspirations cannot be chosen again at any time during the challenge.

The CS must master 3 skills. These skills must be carried over to the TS when they have been selected and are switched into by using cheats and setting those previously mastered skills to level 10. This should only be done per 2 switches, meaning if John Smith mastered Gardening, Pet Training, and Veterinarian skills, Kelly Smith and Jane Smith must set those skills to 10, but Don Smith can work towards them when those Sims have been switched.

The CS must conceive 1 boy and 1 girl child before switching bodies to have a fighting chance of having any children in the world to switch to.

Okay, now for some key points:
  • The CS can have any career and can choose any skills to master.
  • You can only control the CS and the TS, if you choose to move them in to your home. This would, in turn, allow you to keep your original house and available funds, if desired.
  • When switching to a child Sim, which is done by officially switching complete control over to the child and no longer controlling the CS, the previous CS must be an Elder. However, if you haven't found a TS by the time you've turned into an Elder, it's a race against time. You must befriend a child Sim before your time is up in order to evade time's deathly grasp.
  • When you switch to a child child, you must complete 1 childhood aspiration along with all the other goals that have been previously mentioned.
  • If desired, you may transfer over your existing funds to the new household in which your TS lives. This will add to the amount they have and you can continue to do this until you have an appropriate amount, however large that may be.
  • When switching to a child Sim, you cannot change any traits but you can freely choose the new trait when your new Sim has aged up.
  • Child Sims must attend school and should strive for an "A" and teen Sim aren't forced to go. But teens who aren't in school must get a job to keep the money flowing.
  • Lastly, the goal of the challenge is to complete no less than 12 aspirations, master the 3 skills that come along with each new TS, and switch to a new body before the end. When you reach your last Sim, it's your decision what to do next. It would be my choice to let my Sim die of old age, as if they've lived a long, happy life, and are now happy to die with their family by their side, but you do you.
I recommend trying to go on for another few tries before ending the challenge, seeing how long you can go without dying, but if you find that you've lived for such a long time and want to give up and die of old age, then do so, honestly it's your choice. However, I still recommend it. Hope you enjoy!

"When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money."

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