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Old 10th Feb 2019, 3:04 AM How to lower lag in sims 3 #1
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Well, something happened one day.

It was lagging, I paused it and left it for a bit, maybe 30 seconds?
After i left it for possibly 30 seconds, when i played it was non-laggy. It functioned and I liked it, when i played a little more it got a tad laggy so i tried again, it didn't get as good as before. you guys should also consider less mods and/or less quality as high quality in your sims 3 game can cause lag, i know this and have experienced it happening from the sims 4.
Old 10th Feb 2019, 7:15 AM #2
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This probably needs to be in the Sims 3 section. Also, this site has extensive information about game performance for 3 anyone can check. This site has great resources.

edit: I see you posted this there also.
Old 11th Feb 2019, 12:47 AM #3
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^ To be fair, though, I believe this works similarly in TS4, as well, because I like to play overstuffed and modded lots—I'm talking like over 50-60 sims in a single house lol—and it gets literally unplayable.

I had to buy a retail lot and just kind of spend most of my time there and play with "favorites," while the majority of the sims stay at home, so they aren't loaded (so it runs better). But even with all this, it still plays like ass after a while, so I will pause periodically and let the game catch up with itself every so often, and then it'll play "decently" for a little bit after that until I have to pause it again.

It blows but you get used to it. At least there's SOMETHING we can do to try and fix the lag. So yeah, tl;dr version: pausing the game every now and then for a few seconds at a time or more can help alleviate some of the lag issues. Yeah, you're still paused and nothing is happening so it's kind of like you're still waiting, but at least when you unpause the game will chug along quicker for a bit afterward.

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Old 12th Feb 2019, 1:03 AM #4
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Heh in Sims 4 in my 102 babies challenge game I sometimes had lag when the house was filled with 7 kids/tods/teens. Yes pausing helps, even if only like 10 seconds. My most used trick in Sims 4 is going to map view (M key) for a couple of seconds. It can remove some stuck actions icons (the lamas), stuck accessory objects (forks & bowls), stuck arms (from a book), or even release idled sims (when the game is on its knees it will idle a sim or 2 to save resources, those sims barely move, their needs going red). Luckily those problems have been patched and the game is way more stable now than a year ago, specially regarding the idled sims. Stuck things have less occurrences but still happen.

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