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Old 25th Jan 2019, 6:06 AM #51

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I hate how Every sim is afraid of mice, I'm not afraid mice, not everyone is afraid of mice.
Old 2nd Feb 2019, 8:46 PM #52
Test Subject

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I really really love how you can go in edit households and replace a sim with a gallery sim without getting rid of the sims relationships or job--I know it kind of breaks the immersion but I don't think TS4 is really about being immersed.
Old 3rd Feb 2019, 12:53 PM #53
One Minute Ninja'd

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Whims that pop up like get autograph from a celeb, who you happen to be married to.Then there's the buy a bee box whim that spams you all summer. Makes me wish there were only three seasons, or no damn bees in the game period.
Old 3rd Feb 2019, 5:26 PM #54
Test Subject

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I get annoyed when my sims keep moving their seats for no reason or instead of using the closest option they go across the lot (and I checked, there is usually nothing preventing them using the closest option)

I love the tiny attention to footsteps (terrain, shoes, weather too)
Old 7th Feb 2019, 4:59 AM #55
Field Researcher

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Originally Posted by Citysim
I hate how Every sim is afraid of mice, I'm not afraid mice, not everyone is afraid of mice.

I HATE mice! They are 3rd on my list just after spiders (no.1) and snakes (no. 2). It would be nice if my sims were braver than I am! Didn't we have a courageous and brave trait in Sims 3? Do we have that in 4? I haven't found it?
Old 8th Feb 2019, 2:39 AM #56
Emmett Brown

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You know how every potion and elixir works in Sims 3?
Well, Sims 4 has serums that, even when "untainted", only work sometimes and other times have ill effects. Which makes them useless. Even if you clone a serum that you know to work.

Just EA's way of saying "haha! You spent two sim weeks to get this skill, and it turns out it will mess up your sim! And you paid for this joke of a game!"

Edit: I get it now. If you clone an untested serum, it may or may not work because the clone itself is untested. Once you drink it, the next one you make at the chemistry bench will be tested and will work, and you can clone the tested serum on the cloning machine.

Edit Edit: Cloned sims have all the base and reward traits as the original sim, but neither the skills nor the completed aspirations. So a cloned sim can start the aspirations over, earn additional reward traits. I get the play now! Once you've completed most of the reasonable aspirations and get stuck, clone your sim and do them again to earn even more traits.

Sims are better than us.
Last edited by Emmett Brown : 8th Feb 2019 at 12:48 PM.

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