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Old 14th May 2018, 10:23 PM DefaultThe Hive Rises | Alien Hive creation #1
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Test Subject

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You are a young alien who has been exiled from their hive after being found guilty of giving information to humans on your Hive's home base. You, plus several other Exiles, have been sent to a new world. On the way there, you and the others decided they didnt want to live a life being known as an exile nor did they wish to die on a planet trying to fend for themselves. But, what other choice was there? Another young alien spoke up, saying that if they were to form their own hive.. they could survive together and also perhaps rise up past their home planet and form an Alliance with the humans. However, some were not in agreement due to the lack of women, who would become the Broodmother? With hesitance, you/or a female stood up and said they'd take on the role. This was how the first Exile Hive formed.

Now, you cannot live in a base world. Your new world must be empty or predominantly empty. No normal looking sims, no supernaturals. This land can be one you download, or if you wish for some suggestions: Saturenorn [link below], Lunestia [linked below], and Concoraadia Prime. You may spruce it up however you like.

Saturenorn - http://modthesims.info/t/596531
Lunestia - http://risastorm.tumblr.com/post/30...n-for-aliens-of
Concoraadia Prime - http://risastorm.tumblr.com/post/42...ds-requested-by

creating your sims
Now everything is up to you. Essentially your sim will be human but look like an alien. For this you will need those less than realistic skin tones [blue, green, red, orange, etc] and some unique contacts or default eyes. Skin can be anycolor so long as it isnt normal human color. Hair and eyes as well. [Want some interesting kids later on? Do complimentary colored sims. Red & green, blue and orange.. see what the kids look like, lol]

You will need to make your Founder and his or her first mate. The founder MUST have the Genius and gatherer trait IF male. If female, the founder must have the Nurturing trait, family orientated, and Genius traits.

Now, move them into a built lot of the highest taste [you can freerealestate them in.]
Next, make lots of single exiled aliens. Males may mate with the broodmother or her daighters, and the females may take on the Broodmother's sons as mates.

creating the main Nest
The main nest is where your founder and his or her mates will be. A male founder will have many queens and a femalr found many kings. It must have the necessities- kitchen, a living room with a tv, bathroom, a bedroom. The kitchen, bathrooms, and living room are up to you.. but heres how the bedrooms work:

Male founder - Drone room:
This room will have a Single two person bed, a seating area, a bar, a tv.. it will be as luxurious as they come. The females will not be able to enter unless they are ready to bare another child.

Female founder - Broodmothet Nest:
This room will have a single bed and up to 3 cribs. It may have the luxuries a drone room will but they are not necessary for a Queen, are they? She has subjects to entertain her..

Female mate rooms:
Each female mate must have a single bed and three cribs. They also get something to make their hobby [an art easle, a piano, a guitar, etc] these rooms will be very dull.

Male mate rooms:
Each male mate must have a bed, and a hobby or two.

Children rooms:
Each child's room must have two sets of bunk beds, lots of toys, and some skill building toys. Boys cannot share a room with a girl so rooms can be themed for a gender.

So many teens, so little time..
When your children grow into teenhood, you may send them off to boarding school. The school is a military school that your Place of Origin has built to try and get the children born from exiles to want to travel to mainland rather than share their parents burden. Each teen in boarding school will give them an edge in whatever skill they have been building. When they return have them court someone and eventually, have them get engaged. Move out pronto.

things to get
I suggest immortality for your founder. Mates must be able to age and die so you may grab new ones.
I would also suggest getting a garden up and running so you can sell produce for extra cash.
Id also auggest buying simmunity for all sims in your main household. Prevents illness and allergies.. cus aliens dont have alleegies, right?

Jobs, Mods and Cheats
You founder and his mates will not be able to work. Artists can sell paintings, gardeners can sell haevestables, and gatherers can sell seeds and such.
No cheating unless it is to move your founder into the pricey nest lot.
Mods that are allowed: Nraas mover, Nraas woohooer, and Nraas Portrait Panel. Use of any others without reason will be considered cheating.

rules to follow [opt.]
- Your children cannot leave unless it is to school. Due to the founder fearing they will get stolen by people from their homeland.
- your first 48 kids must be ned A-Z. [2 A, 2 B, etc]
- No pets! Pets are not allowed on your planet and anyone in violation of this will be imprisoned.
- Twins must dress alike and be named very similarly. [I.e Marie and Maria, Zach and Zack, Blair and Blaine] they must look exactly alike until childhood in which case, one will Rebel and dye and possobly cut their hair. [Only the root hair color may stay the same]
- your founder will have trouble getting Shy/Socially awkward sims into their nest to become mates. Dare devil/ambitious/Rebellious sims will be all too willing.
[More may come]

Some ideas and Goals
Get to over 100 kids.
Get a sim to max level Logic, Charisma, and Science.
Have them befriend ten HUMAN townies. These townies will help build your Hive's relationship with Earth.
Create a cemetary made up of your past Mates. [Honestly, this is every gold diggers dream lol]

[Ideas below]
Combining this with the pure/purfect genetics challenge.
Turn this into a generation challenge [every ten kids, you move onto a new generation]
Try only making money through one thing [gathering, harvesting, painting, etc]
Hostage! A male sim is abducted by another alien race [the games aliens]

[I may add more to this such as random event generators, etc]

Id love to see your families!
Old 15th May 2018, 1:48 AM #2
Lab Assistant

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Lol I might do this... but I'm not completely sure yet :p
Old 17th May 2018, 5:06 PM #3
Original Poster

Test Subject

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I look forward to updates/pictures/etc it if you do!
Old 11th Aug 2018, 8:54 AM #4
Test Subject

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Oh boi, I might try this out soon!
I just need to download a world and then I'll start :>
Old 4th Feb 2019, 7:38 AM #5
Test Subject

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Can we use Lunar Lakes and just empty it out with Nraas? I'm thinking of doing this with the tribe challenge and not giving the brood mother eternal life, just epic and then having to choose the heir. There should be at least five sims in the running and I'll give them challenges. Who ever fails will die. There can only be one. The final test would be playing against the grim reaper at the door of life. This has all my creative juices flowing again. Thanks, the sims were becoming a bit dull

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