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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
HagravenMini Modern Luxury Home (Base game minor CC) (Residential)
smustledancePast Meets Present Bakery (Residential)
gisellemoonCarved and Gilded Beech Seat Recolors (Comfort)
DarkSimisterCandyD's Retuned Metabolism Mod - Natural Metabolism Part 3/3 (Patch compatible) (Overrides)
eglyteAv. Basquis 9. A romantic starter home no CC (Residential)
EvoluBlockHunger behavior more realistic. (Overrides)
BadeLavellanEquality Dreamer (Pride Flag Bed Recolor) (Comfort)
DoctorGiggles09 Cheapie Lane an affordable starter (Residential)
SimstwoyouNoCC Beachy Three Story Home (Unfurnished) (Residential)
doggydog1989Reaper Trait (Traits)
akacatNo More Gross Leaf Piles! (Overrides)
ShickamruDorsal Stripe marking for Dogs (Animals)
MeduzaVampires can't use mirrors (Object Mods)
KokosasMattina - No CC Modern Home (Residential)
Mary-JThe Skull of Life and Death (Object Mods)
razin"What If You're Right And They're Wrong" Poster from Fargo TV Series (Decorative)
zoe22Collection Doll - object mod (Script & Core Mods)
TheremAir condition switch remade (for Seasons) (Electronics)
CroNorThe Sciramid (Residential)
lovethesims68Count Duckula Shirt (Everyday)
CouchTurn Into Vampire Always Succeeds (Overrides)
XeroxSimulation Lag Fix - Updated 8-24-18 (Script & Core Mods)
UrlocalpiscesSkateboarder Career (Careers)
helene912Helene912's Mental Therapist Career (Careers)
no12Weather Realism Overhaul (Overrides)
misschilliGerman Island Home (Residential)
AmandaMaeThe New Grape Nectary (Community)
SunnyElsaCrohn's Disease and IBS CAS Traits (Traits)
Retr0Accounting Career (Careers)
BrazilianLookSub-Urbana (NO-CC) (Residential)
SimscoveryPostal Service Career (Careers)
greasemonkey98Private Security Contractor Career (Careers)
IamshinyCatchmeAmerican Folk Victorian and Colonial Revival style mix home. (Residential)
bubblegumfishHide CC Icons (Overrides)

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Old 1st Sep 2018, 1:52 PM #2
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Ahh, lovely CC. Thank you new creators!

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