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Old 16th Jun 2018, 10:36 AM DefaultWhen did you move away from home? #1
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Just a curiosity thing - when did you move away from home and where are you from? When is it normal to move out, where you're from? What did you move into, house, apartment, rented, bought? Things like that. I've noticed that it seems like some american youtubers, I watch, don't move out until much later and then it's into a house?

I'm from Denmark and moved out at 21 into a dorm with my own room and bathroom, but shared kitchen. Pretty normal age and place to move into.
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When I was 29 and married, with an extended relative who owns a multi bedroom home all alone.

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I 'ran away from home' (as my mother puts it) when I was 17. I had a bass guitar, a bag of clothes, a pile of books and an Austin 1100.

I wasn't very bright back then!
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I am 21, living with my father. The summer after I graduated High School (2016), I moved into a duplex* with my friend and his girlfriend, who is now his fiance. I was working as a full-time dishwasher at a very busy and popular buffet (they were the only place in the region to have seafood on the buffet). After I collapsed on Christmas Eve due to physical strain, I was fired. We lost the house and I moved back to dad's in February 2017. I got a job as a pizza delivery driver for Dominos in the next town over. Worked for a few months there, and even became the 5th "best" driver for the Domino's chains in the United States, according to the "Statistic Leaderboards" as they were called in the store. They fired me for missing a day while in the hospital. I then moved to Little Rock with my mother in hopes of finding better opportunity in the "big city". I got another job at yet another Domino's delivering more pizza, until my car exploded. I never got fired from there, but they didn't need any "insiders", so I was out of work.
Moved back to Dad's, and here we are!

Well, I guess you didn't need the whole story, but there it is. Short version:
Tried moving out at 19, moved into a duplex* which we rented. Things fell apart, and I moved back in.

*"Duplex" is what we call a building comprised of two mirrored houses, sharing a center wall and roof. Sometimes, for better privacy, diplexes will place a shared covered car park ("carport") in the center.
It's worth noting that a "duplex" can ONLY be two houses, each of which MUST be only a single floor. Three houses is often called a "triplex" or simply "row house", as it is with more than three. Two or more floors are called "townhouses"
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School. I was around 15-16 and moved out of town to be able to have art classes as part of (my country's version of) high school. Mostly been living away since then After 3 years I moved away for school yet again, lived there for roughly 3 1/2 years, before I moved yet again to do my nursing education.

The last two years I've temporarily moved back home again due to convenience (I work in my home town, and mom lived alone, plus getting an apartment is very expensive, so currently I'm trying to save up some money for a future living space plus for paying down my student loan).
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I was in an experiment to spend 2 months at my grandparents' house at age 19. However, my medication made me seem like a monster due to lack of doctors to reach me and pharmacies to visit. (I packed 3 months of what I could bring plus my computer with The Sims 2.)

Eventually I had to come back home because I needed surgery for an ovarian cyst.

When I actually make a livable wage, I may consider finding an apartment. But I draw the line at roommates. I like my privacy.

Truth be told, I once went apartment hunting in my mid 20s and even considered an apartment above the Seattle Uwajimaya\Kinokuniya in the International District. Sadly, it was well out of my price range. But one apartment address stuck with me from one hunt: E102. I was expecting a robot to be hidden in the closet.

However, apartment hunting will be in my future if I can pass the training exercises in assembly line work.

"There are some obstacles that cannot be removed with a mere show of force."
-King of Atlantis, as portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
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I'm from the Greater Manchester area of England, currently living in North Wales.

My Mum died the same day I started renting my first flat in my first year of University when I was 18, but I wasn't planning on moving to University until a week after, so until then I "moved out" to my Dad's house and refused to step another foot into my childhood home where my Mum died in. A week later I moved into my flat in my University town (Aberystwyth, Wales) with my boyfriend at the time. 3 years later (at 21) we graduated and moved to North Wales and started raising my younger brother. Since then, we've broken up rather messily but remain friends, and I'm now living with the love of my life, my younger brother and our dog on the outskirts of town.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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2013, hubby brought me to Australia. Just don't ask me to figure out my age.

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i moved out of my parents house in 2005 and they paid for rent until 2006 when i found a really amazing job i still have today!!!

i luv my parents but i was getting too old to be living with themm...
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Moved out of parents AS SOON AS I COULD! 18. Then moved out of parents house at 19. Then again at 38 or so.

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Originally Posted by grammapat
Moved out of parents AS SOON AS I COULD! 18. Then moved out of parents house at 19. Then again at 38 or so.

Yeah! That told them.
A few weeks ago my mum and I were (friendly) squabbling, and I said "Can I move in with you?" and she said yes of course, any time. So I said "Good. I'M LEAVING HOME!"
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Within 4 months of graduating from high school. Not that I didn't move back, I did a time or two for a few months.

Now my mom and I are trying to figure out the best way for us to live together once more - go figure.
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This is a tough question. I went to live with my grandparents from age one to four, then on to weekly boarding kindergarten till seven, and full boarding school from ten to thirteen. I lived with my parents in between those years, and then till nineteen. After high school I got a job and they moved abroad for their job. I went o join them after about 6 months, but it didn't work out very nicely, so I moved back to my country after one year. They paid the bills until I finished college and then I got a job again and I have been paying my bills since then. After that, we lived together in between their job appointments for another three-four years, and then my parents eventually retired and got themselves a house in the suburbs and I bought their apartment from them, so in a way, I haven't left home.
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I haven't yet. No job so no money to move anywhere. Also, my employment history is so sporadic I've never been able to save up money.

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