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When merging packages in SimPE, it's possible to drag the files directly from an archive opened in 7-Zip into SimPE. This saves the step of extracting the files first.

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Test Subject

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My romance sim brought home a friend from work (Slacker career), and it just so happened to be Mr. Big. They had a date, woohoo'ed and when she came home from work the next day, I got a pop-up that he had pulled some strings at work to get her a promotion! I've played for 10 years and never seen that!

She rolled the want to top her career, but I use Cyjon's 'Edukashun Iz Gud' and she was made in CAS. I had them date again, and the same thing happened and I repeated aaalll the way to her topping her career
Now I need to test if it was because every date was a Dream Date that did it, or the fact that they woohoo'ed every date that did it. Either way, it's a 'fun' option for my career minded CAS sims to consider

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